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  1. Thanks

    Looks like a fuel stabiliser is a good idea for small engines, £7 for about 300 Ltr treatment is not bad and should help prevent ethanol clogging of the carburettor.


  2. Hi Chris/Mike

    I tried looking for you at Wiston but failed.

    Yes that was me at times, I still need rings but I found out yesterday that was not the only problem for the smoke.

    First my stationary engine packed up then on Sunday did the WH then yesterday did my 30 year old Escort car all with smoke problems (I mean a lot ), I had used petrol from a 20Ltr jerry can which was about 6 months old I checked it and yes it was contaminated, now having to drain the car tank and other machines.

    Lesson learnt DON’T USE OLD FUEL.


  3. Is any one going to Wiston this year 2018 I have an entry form to enter my two WH  and would like to add to a section if possible,, I will be tied up in the working section with another display.

    I have an 857 & 211-3

    Thanks Terry 

  4. Hi all 

    Does anyone have a supplier in the UK for rod ends that go on the end of the tie rods please.

    Many thanks.

    (I hope I have put this in the correct section)

  5. Apology if I have upset some members with my for sale comment and high jacking their thread, it was not my intention.


    I am new to the forum and will do my best to be more careful in future.

  6. My idea is to get something that is beyond economical repair as a WH that I can play with and modify for my 10 year old grandsons to have some fun with ( maybe make it a tandem)

    Any idea would be appreciated.


  7. Hi all

    First of all thank you all for a warm welcome to MOM.

    My question is can any body tell me the last model WH to have an angle iron chassis that I might pick up in the UK as apposed to a pressed steel one, ( I need one)


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