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  1. MalMac

    How To Grease Pack Trailer Bearings

    That is what's on my 5th wheel camper and my tandam flat bed trailer. My understanding is the bearing buddies are only a cap with a grease fitting in it. So in my mind when you grease the buddies all your doing is filling up the front part of the grease cap in hopes that you might get some to the back bearing. I agree with steveasauras that repacking by hand is the best way. To me using a grease buddie just gives you a false sense of security that you have grease in there. I have seen my share of burn up wheels out on the highway. Everything from Semi trailers to little 2 wheel trailers. I would hate to think of what would happen to my 36ft 5th wheel camper when my wife has it fully loaded when we go out for two weeks at a time.
  2. MalMac

    RV Caulking/Gray water tank

    I have got 2 grey water tanks. The oder coming in from inside the trailer. I did try some stuff from Camping World that had some Lemon smell to it but only worked for about a day or two.
  3. MalMac

    How To Grease Pack Trailer Bearings

    I understand about the pumping grease to the back first then forcing out to the front, but my understanding is a grease buddy is nothing more than a outer cap with a grease fitting on it. To me the only way to get the grease to the back first would be a drilled out spindle like the one in the video. Gona have to dig into some more investigating. My thick head just cannot wrap around how the grease gets to the back bearing with a Grease Buddy.
  4. MalMac

    RV Caulking/Gray water tank

    Thanks Kato, that's the stuff I have been using. Very Hard to work with. Does not do to bad a job. It discolors some what. It is very hard to clean up. You don't want to have a accidental drip of it on something and not catch it. I was just wondering if there was anything else out there that works good that is more shall I say user friendly.
  5. MalMac

    How To Grease Pack Trailer Bearings

    I have never used Bearing buddies before. My question is does it only grease the front bearing? I have on my camper and tandem utility flatbed greasable spindles. In other words on the end of the spindle is a grease Zerk. The grease is sent through the spindle to the back bearing and also has holes to lube the front bearing. Does the bearing buddy just let you pump in grease? I have always wondered how the Buddy worked. Ok I just watched the prior video on greasing. That is how my trailers work. So does the Bearing buddy just pump grease in and you hope it gets back to the back bearing?
  6. What is the best Caulking to use on re-caulking a RV. I have a 36ft 5th wheel trailer that has the fiberglass sides. I have used some stuff in the past that was recommended that actually has an adhesive in it. Works good but very hard to work with. Sticks to everything and does not wipe up good at all. It does the job but hard to work with. Now I have heard that there is a difference in what caulk to use depending on whether your trailer is aluminum or fiberglass. I know this stuff I have is for fiberglass and other appts. Just looking for some ideas. Now second question. What is the best way to control Gray water tank oder. The last couple of trips we have noticed oder. I have always flushed it good and never had to worry about it. I was going to put bleach down and fill gray water tank and let sit but was told that the bleach can destroy some time of diaphragm check valve in the tank.
  7. MalMac

    Looking to replace a camper mattress

    We had to replace the master bed in are 5th wheel soon after we got it. First trip out and decided that mattress must have been for display only. We went to a mattress outlet. It was easy though because it was a regular Queen size. Not sure what to do if one of the bunk's had to be replaced. You might check regular RV places or check on having one made. I think having one made might add up the $$$.
  8. MalMac

    Toothpick Art

    As a master model railroader, I must say that is some of the finest work I have seen, especially free lanced. Absolutely stunning. Bravo, Bravo.
  9. MalMac

    Wine bar

    We have a taller one. and used it for a liquor cabinet in are dinning room. That was several years ago. Now we use it in are office for storing office supplies. After seeing yours gets me to thinking of converting it back to wine bar. Looks good thanks for the motivation.