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  1. I have been reading various scientific research articles about the use of the Turbair tot 2s machine. It sounds as though it started to be sold in the U.K in 1973/74. I have read one article mentioning it being at an agricultural/horticultural trade fair in 1974. It was used in forestry situations for herbicide application as a hand held applicator and also in scientific trials in aerial spraying for control of coniferous tree pests. I did find an article that reported it being trialled in forestry in Austria in 1968/9 before it arrived in the U.K. So it seems it was designed and made prior to 1974 before it arrived in the U.K. Mark
  2. It was quite an expensive machine considering the size of it and at the time it was being sold. My machine has a sticker on the painted red pull cord housing with a serial number and the address it was manufactured at. Turbair Ltd, Britannica Works, Waltham Abbey, Essex, England. I recall reading last week that a machine this size could treat an area of commercial glasshouse/polythene tunnel of upto 3000 square metres which is almost one acre (one acre is 4000 square metres in area). It is quite a large area considering how small this little turbair machine is. I have seen modern commercial fogging machines used for pest and disease control in glasshouses. Some of them are much bigger with much larger fans that are pulled along like a trailer. I don't think people were aware of the dangers of spraying without proper PPE years ago, particularly when you consider what was being sprayed 30-40 years ago. Some of the insecticides and fungicides being used were really toxic and hazardous to health ! I will take a look at the forestry commission article. Mark
  3. Hello David, Thankyou for all the information and advice. It will be a big help. I am looking forward to getting it running again. Fingers crossed. Mark
  4. Hello, I have just acquired a turbair tot 2s (1 HP) machine that has been sitting dormant in a shed for many many years. I was hoping there might be someone who could advise or help me to get my machine going again as I would like to use it. The machine is original and has not been modified. The engine turns over ok but I am unable to get a spark from the old plug. I have tried attaching slightly different plugs to the HT lead with a longer thread but still no success in getting a spark. Does anyone know if I could still get a spark plug the same size as the original that fits into this machine ? I am wondering if the lack of a spark is with the plug, the HT lead or other problem. Any suggestions ? Also, I was hoping to try and find a bottle and a copy of an instruction manual and an exploded diagram/view of this machine. Any help would be useful and appreciated. Mark
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