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  1. LezT

    Hi and a question

    Ian, thanks a lot, great help I've just got to get myself a universal regulator for the beastie now and then maybe we can get some life out of her.
  2. LezT

    Hi and a question

    I tried to get on the GGT forum but the CAPTUR doesn't work, I dropped them an Email but no response, that was yesterday,,
  3. Truck fitter by trade and not afraid of electrics, can and will fabricate parts where I can..

  4. LezT

    Hi and a question

    Thanks very much, I'll get over there after this.. Very possibly, I'm not sure as the Mrs bought it and I just did logistics and the repairs are my dept.. She bought it as a runner that had been left for a while, No regulator, float was split and the HT lead had no cap... fuel tap was solid... Lemon springs to mind...but at £70 it will be worth it, she just wants something to chain harrow the horse fields with..Float is now soldered up, fuel tap cleared and the float chamber is all shiny and clean Pics will be done this weekend, I know its a 813-03 and its serial number is 6592 original white paint has been painted over in black and theres no cutting deck on it,,( something I'd like for later)
  5. LezT

    Hi and a question

    Hi I'm lez from Essex, Just aquired my first ( hopefully ) old beastie, A Bolens Husky Pup 813, firstly thanks for having me and can anyone please direct me to where to get a workshop and wiring manual please.. Thanks. Lez.