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    Reed valve for O&R 20A in an Eel Wheel

    Good to know, Webhead. I already bought the carb rebuild kit, so I think I'll do the rebuild, re-use the reed valve with some sealant on the flanges and see how/if it runs. After that (or if the carb rebuild doesn't work out) I'll start stocking up on other 20A spares if you're interested in selling what you have. Like you said, I probably should keep an eye out for a complete spare 20A as well...
  2. Greetings. I have an Eel Wheel minibike with an O&R 20A engine. It had been sitting for many years and wouldn't run, spark was good but gas was dripping from the carb. I've ordered a rebuild kit for the carb (it's a Walbro HDC) but notice that the reed valve assembly and the gasket which goes between the carb and the reed valve are pretty brittle and deformed. Might try glomming it all back together with some non hardening sealant if worst comes to worst, but I'm wondering if there are any sources for reed valves and carb to reed valve gaskets so I can do it right. Thanks in advance!