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  1. Hi all any one know the two belt sizes for a Hayter osprey 21 i have no info any help appreciated john
  2. hi its intact just holes so i thought putting longer sections in to give it some strength the pictures are before and after
  3. hi all trying to keep our Hayter osprey 21 on the road the deck is starting to hole badly i have repaired where i can , just worried that im covering old problems what do you think
  4. Hi all just got the bolt and wood ruff key but checked the inside of the pully what do you think Haven't checked will do it tomorrow and go from there will have a look at the loctite,this is why it's come adrift being loose
  5. Hi all just got the bolt and wood ruff key but checked the inside of the pulley what do you think
  6. Johnty


  7. cheers for that i will try to find these locally, all i have is metric, would you recommend putting a bit of loctite on ?
  8. hi all we have a Hayter Osprey for 10 years we have had great service from it for our scout group,it had oil and spark plug changes over the years,the second time of use this summer the clutch stopped driving,i checked the belts but found the bolt and woodruff key and washer missing from the twin pully , any ideas why ,and where can i go for replacements. john
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