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  1. Good afternoon Wallfish, probably gonna start the strip down weds evening, so will take a photo and post it up 😊
  2. Thanks WallFish, those cables are there disconnected them, whilst testing it with my multimeter. Im in Wales, UK. Will check out your contact. Good to know about the thank, will see what vertical tanks are about. Would there have been a send and return fuel pipe?
  3. Hi, im a new member that knew nothing a out the existence of O & R engines till a week ago when i became the owner of a Danarm Hedge Trimmer. Ive decided to attempt to restore it, but whilst it seems in a reasonable state need some help in where i might look for parts. Testing the magneto with a multimeter it appears to be dead ( broken HT im guessing) the engine is missing a tank too. Anyone know anything about this unit? (Photo inc) its age etc? Thanks in advance 😊
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