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  1. timtim


  2. Dear Alan


    Happy new YEAR...


    I finished the late to 98%.

    I put an inverter to it and a e-motor for the feed.

    The spindle has nearly no play super acurrate, very impressiv.

    Will send a movie.


    Best Marcel

  3. EA65507B-4E2D-440D-9E84-9B8BB770C07A_1_105_c.jpeg.b5c89ef6d06538ea4f7a6183cb3686ef.jpeg

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    2. timtim
    3. timtim



      This is for the feed






      This is for the spindelrevolution

    4. Alan


      Thanks for the extra photo's Marcel.   :thumbs:   I can see  how the feed is connected now.     The motor and  angle drive  looks like a car or truck wiper mechanism. Or am I wrong.  Good idea.  :bow:   Do you have any projects in mind to make on the lathe. ?

      This is one of my latest projects.  Based on a Wheel Horse black hood garden tractor.  Just a rough look a like.  Started off as a non working Mobility Scooter bought cheap off Ebay.  A mixture of wood and metal.  Larger rear wheels make it go faster.  Not sure how fast yet.  Only had a few test runs in a confined space.  All scooter electrics used.  Two 12 volt 75 ah battery's.  Dummy V twin engine to hide the scooter steering column.  Chain and sprockets from column to steering wheel.  Still need to have decals made. Will take it to shows when they start up again. 5 year old grand daughter having a play.


  4. Lathe from 1905 London

  5. ear Alain The spindel should run in brass or bronze and You can ajust the play. At my lathe it has 0 play (as mauch as it needed when it get warm. It is marvelous. I will take a 0.75Kw e-motor with a FU. For the leadspindel a will make one a e-motor also with FU. And I changed the handel too. By the way and the beginnig my lathe looks the same as Yours. It was not used for about 30years. There is a grinding tool for attachment but this has to wait. If all is finished You will get some pictures. Best form the Rheinfall (rhine falls) Marcel
  6. Dear Alain I am not at the end of the restauration but it looks al ready good.
  7. Dear Alan Thanks a lot for the fast answer. And yes I know the problem with all the projects, there always too many..... Best timtim
  8. Dear Alan I got the same lathe and have a question, if I may? The gear (45mm) in the back of the spindelreduction lose 2 teeth. Can You tell me what kind of gear this is (modul)? And did You finsh Your projekt? Best from Switzerland timtim
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