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  1. ear Alain The spindel should run in brass or bronze and You can ajust the play. At my lathe it has 0 play (as mauch as it needed when it get warm. It is marvelous. I will take a 0.75Kw e-motor with a FU. For the leadspindel a will make one a e-motor also with FU. And I changed the handel too. By the way and the beginnig my lathe looks the same as Yours. It was not used for about 30years. There is a grinding tool for attachment but this has to wait. If all is finished You will get some pictures. Best form the Rheinfall (rhine falls) Marcel
  2. Dear Alain I am not at the end of the restauration but it looks al ready good.
  3. Dear Alan Thanks a lot for the fast answer. And yes I know the problem with all the projects, there always too many..... Best timtim
  4. Dear Alan I got the same lathe and have a question, if I may? The gear (45mm) in the back of the spindelreduction lose 2 teeth. Can You tell me what kind of gear this is (modul)? And did You finsh Your projekt? Best from Switzerland timtim
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