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  1. Alan

    1962 Bolens 600

    I see Dad has left you to do all the work again Joseph. I think it's about time you sacked him. Another good video, and nice to see the tyre machine, and you, in action.
  2. Need a video of it in action.
  3. Looking good as always Richard.
  4. Liked the way you rubbed your hands together when you got in Joseph. As if to say "Let me at it". Not sure but, did I hear Dad's knees knocking.
  5. Another good one Joseph. Don't know who that "look a like" was as I didn't see him, but I'm sure he would have thanked you for the loan.
  6. Top marks for the finished result Chris. I have a few great grandson size test drivers available if you can't wait for Dylan to grow.
  7. Don't leave it running too long Norm. You don't want another flooded lane do you. ?
  8. Sorry to hear of your troubles Ian. Don't know you as well as others but liked following your posts and will continue when the new workshop is up and running. Best wishes to you and the Mrs.
  9. Another good video Joseph. My blond hair got a bit out of control in the wind. Sorry about the NON RED thing Norm, but better than walking. Little D was ill..
  10. Happy Birthday Joseph.
  11. Another good one Joseph. Ground looks a lot drier than Biddenden.
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