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  1. Alan

    Happy birthday CubCadet

    Happy Birthday Ewan Have a good one.
  2. Alan

    Multiplying Mowett Mustangs !!

    Your winter projects Paul.
  3. Alan


    Still bits and pieces to do on the tractor but have also been working on the trailer. Wanted this to be as compact as possible but still big enough to sit in comfort. The chassis started life as a transport frame for motor cycles, shipped in part assembled form to a dealer near where I worked. This was altered to a trolley using wheely bin wheels with a storage box and frame on top so that I could move large model boats from the car to lakeside at the various locations we sailed at. Most lakes did not have access for cars, only footpaths. The trolley frame is shown below minus it's towing handle. This now out of use frame was cut down and used for my sit on trailer. A new axle was made from box section and 16mm bar bolted together and to the frame, using pneumatic wheels instead of the solid tires used for the boat trolley. The seat mount was made up from scrap ply with alloy sheet outer panels. The edges were trimmed with alloy angle, more scrap salvaged when clearing my friends land. The sit on part of the seat is actually the backrest part of a seat I bought on eBay. The seat section looked too big when fitted so went into storage. Short lengths of studding were fitted into the already welded in mounting nuts and just drop into holes in the box top. Hope this makes sense. The now proper backrest, complete with it's Wheel Horse motif, was kindly donated by Chris the Showman, and is mounted on doubled up lengths of alloy angle.
  4. Alan

    Happy Birthday Alain.

    Happy Birthday Alain.
  5. Alan

    Ardingly Autumn Show

    The blue Fordson looks smart.
  6. Alan

    Another Bolens joins the collection

    I wonder how all that long grass got there Alan Who needs a cutting deck when a prop shaft can cut tear the grass out just as well Iain.
  7. Alan

    Happy Birthday slf-uk.

    Happy Birthday Iain. Hope Joseph got you something useful.
  8. Alan

    Kingsfold Rally

    Thanks again Chris. A good show. A few of my photo's. These next few where not part of the show but are based on the site. Finally, Calvin on Half a Horse giving Mr & Mrs Showman, Steve and Sue a Saturday evening ride around.
  9. Alan

    Happy Birthday Stormin

    Happy Birthday Norm. Hope your cake was big enough for all the candles.
  10. Alan

    Kingsfold vehicle rally

    I'll be there both days with Half a Horse and Calvin.
  11. Alan

    What was the earliest British Ride On?

    Can't wait Richard.
  12. Alan

    Happy Birhday Vegikev.

    Happy Birthday Kevin Have a good one.
  13. Alan

    Chis has a birthday

    Happy Birthday Chris.
  14. Alan

    Happy Birthday harryt.

    🙂 Happy Birthday Harry 🙂 Have fun.
  15. Looks good Jordon. Cleaning it up will keep you busy for a while.