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  1. OK. Biddenden then. No more excuses.
  2. No problem Norm. He has a week before RPT. Plenty of time. On second thought's, with all those parts he's probably forgotten how it goes back together.
  3. No need to worry Norm. Calvin has been to Specsavers and say's he can see where he's coming from now. Shame you can't make it this year.
  4. Hope it's stronger than the one you borrowed and broke 2 years ago Andrew.
  5. Happy Birthday Nigel.
  6. Richard. Always thought my name was Alan. Now I'm
  7. Looking good Norm. The Goat could do with some paint though.
  8. Happy Birthday Chris. Tea and CAKE.
  9. Alan

    1964/5 Bolens 900

    Getting there Joseph. Hope Dad is still watching and picking up tips from you.
  10. Alan


    Another nice one Norm. Lots of well worn benches in our local park if you get bored.
  11. Alan


    Very nice Norm.
  12. Engine is a much modified version of a pre war design. Scratch built by the builder, who if I remember correctly, made all the castings, patterns etc. Even made the miniature spark plug. Test run only by the builder. I never got to run it myself before selling the boat. Now safely stored away.
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