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  1. Alan


    Now Now Iain. It's bad enough with Norm having digs at me without you starting as well.
  2. Alan


    Thanks Ewan. As said, I still need to get better photo's with all the decals fitted, especially the dash panels.
  3. Alan

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Another excuse to get out of the kitchen. "Carol, I just need to finish this urgent job first".
  4. Alan


    Makes a change for you Norm.
  5. Alan


    Thanks Iain and Richard. The next project will be built around a mobility scooter, when I find one cheap and large enough. Will probably still involve head scratching but hopefully not as much as with Half a Horse.
  6. The start of another masterpiece. I'll go better than Norm and will be watching with both eye's.
  7. Alan


    Think I am near the end of this project now, apart from sorting teething problems out. During runs at last years shows, the clutch to gearbox drive chain kept locking up. The original chain tensioner wasn't up to the job. This has now been changed but not yet tested. Fingers crossed. There is still too much free play in some of the steering joints. Still working on how to overcome this. Mark ( meadowfield ) made up the decals. Thanks Mark. Couldn't get good photo's in my garage. Too many reflections etc with or without flash which also shows up dust specs. Need to retake in daylight, as and when. Dummy light and ignition switches were fitted but think the key could be slightly larger. A few more taken at the shows. And the almost finished trailer. Finally, the tractor needed someone to drive it while I just sat and enjoyed the scenery while being dragged behind. Hours of searching for a suitable size person resulted in nothing. As I wasn't allowed to borrow my 15 month old great grandson, ( he would have been cable tied on to stop him falling off ), the next best thing was to make something up. A head was obtained from China. Cheap as usual but a bit pink looking. His face was weathered, well he is a farm boy, using some of my old modelling paints which were well past the sell by date Some people say he is a little too brown, but he doe's get out in the sun a lot. An ice cream tub, wood, foam and tape were used to bring him to life. My great grandson donated some of his clothes. Calvin, that's his name, was knocked up in a hurry just before the shows, and had to make do with rough and ready gloves and hat until something better comes along. Here he is having fun and being followed by a Doc Brown ( from Back to the Future ) look a like. Don't all laugh at once. As said above, I think this just about wraps this project up, apart from a few modifications and better photo's of the decals. What next ? Watch this space. PS. Calvin had to wear sunglasses when looking at his passenger.
  8. Alan

    Bolens Estate Keeper

    Now we know who has been making the mysterious crop circles. It was Joseph And everyone thought it was Aliens.
  9. Alan

    Another Bolens for the collection

    Yet another good one Joseph. Forgot to say that I spotted a familiar looking tire changing machine in one of your other video's. Nice to see it has been brought back to life.
  10. Alan

    "The Farmers Boy"

    Looks similar to the Farmers Boy that Darren ( Darmic1 ) restored recently. He might be the one to ask.
  11. Alan

    Christmas workshop projects

    This was AFTER the makeover Alain. You should have seen him before his visit to the beauty parlour.
  12. Alan

    Christmas workshop projects

    Another good one Joseph. But who is the scruffy old git. ? Could it be the mysterious Iain that we sometimes hear about. Whoever it is I expect he will be gasping for breath now after moving at that speed.
  13. Alan

    Christmas workshop projects

    Another good job Joseph. Looks like Dad dropped the camera and ran when you headed towards him.
  14. Alan


    Thanks Norm. Been looking on and off on the WWW. Lots of strange one's but nothing like this.
  15. Alan


    Another tool from my box of junk might be useful one day goodie's. The main casting is 7" long. Marked Made in Japan. Valve spring compressor maybe. ? I expect someone will know. I don't.