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  1. Alan

    1964/5 Bolens 900

    Getting there Joseph. Hope Dad is still watching and picking up tips from you.
  2. Alan


    Another nice one Norm. Lots of well worn benches in our local park if you get bored.
  3. Alan


    Very nice Norm.
  4. Engine is a much modified version of a pre war design. Scratch built by the builder, who if I remember correctly, made all the castings, patterns etc. Even made the miniature spark plug. Test run only by the builder. I never got to run it myself before selling the boat. Now safely stored away.
  5. The updated Sea Queen still available from various suppliers including https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/sea_queen.html I restored one of the originals from a wreck a few years ago. No propshaft or rudder had ever been fitted, the propulsion and steering was via a small electric outboard motor on the transom. Don't want to hog this thread but a couple of photo's before fittings added and a trial fit of a home built ( not by me )15cc 2 stroke engine. Had my arm twisted to sell the boat but kept the engine.
  6. Alan

    Bolens Ride-a-matic

    Another good job and video Joseph. And as usual, we will just have to take Dads word that he did his little bit.
  7. Very nice Richard. Now we know what you have keeping secret all this time.
  8. Alan

    1964/5 Bolens 900

    You thought it was time for a rest Iain. AGAIN. Pleased to see Joseph had other idea's.
  9. Hi Brian. The Monkey Winch booklet was passed on to Chris Sutton ( The Showman ) who might still have it, but it could now be with Iain ( slf-uk ). A PM to both might help you. The winch was sold a few years ago. Can't remember how the pawls operated now.
  10. Alan

    1975 Bolens G14

    Good work again Joseph. And did anyone spot Dad. ? I did, JUST. A very brief appearance but confirmation that he does exist.
  11. Happy Birthday young man.
  12. Good photo's which give a good idea of how steep the hill is Norm. Shame your battery's died.
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