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  1. Good to see you back Ian. Now we need to see more of your crazy builds.
  2. Once again Richard. Amazing work.
  3. Looks like you still have lots of room in your wood yard Norm. Move those wheels, paving slabs and trestles for a start. Then build a top deck on the covered wood store.
  4. I think you should have supplied Carol with seat belts, a parachute, and an eject mechanism Norm. Especially with you driving. Mods look good though.
  5. Happy Birthday Ian.
  6. As you say Richard, very quiet on here just now. As to your latest photo's and detail work. .
  7. Good job Joseph. Works well. Did Dad get to have a play too. ?
  8. Nice job Joseph, and Dad. Just need enough of the white stuff now for a proper test. Another project crossed off the list, so what next.
  9. Alan


    You know the saying Norm. No photo's, it didn't happen. Any damage when the tote box came off. ? Better luck next trip.
  10. Very nice. Another one lives again. I sometimes wish I still had my first car to play with, a 1942 Austin 8 with soft top. Tourer ? Could tell a few story's with that one.
  11. Not metal but Wifey and I trimmed an out of control tree in garden. Lock down exercise. Lots of twigs and twiglets all cut into short pieces and stuffed into 9 assorted size bags. Can't take to the tip, even if it was open, non essential travel. Not to worry though, I have a plan.
  12. Dear Alan


    Happy new YEAR...


    I finished the late to 98%.

    I put an inverter to it and a e-motor for the feed.

    The spindle has nearly no play super acurrate, very impressiv.

    Will send a movie.


    Best Marcel

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