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  1. Nice job Paul. Think I saw a Boadicea at John's during the clear out., could that be the one. ?
  2. Looking better already Paul.
  3. Happy Birthday Chris. Have a day off from earning brownie points.
  4. Alan

    Only mad dogs.

    Nice pics Norm. Nicer looking load than what the Roper towed at John's place.
  5. Alan

    Bolens drive pin

    Forgot to insert the 1054 pin a few times at John's after we had removed it to push the tractor around in the shed. Didn't want to fumigate ourselves with the engine running. Never had that bother with the Wheel Horses. Another good video Joseph. And Dad ?
  6. Another good video Joseph. although I couldn't hear what you were saying. Might have been at this end. That seat was bad at John's, now it looks WELL past it's use by date. Next job maybe.
  7. Alan


    I expect you will get the blame for not double checking Norm.
  8. Happy Birthday Titch. Have a good one.
  9. I'm guessing I know where the ladders and tower came from. Looking good so far Chris.
  10. Had to be expected I guess Chris. Can't be many shows left to be canceled now.
  11. Ken looks a bit pale. Has he been ill, or is it just lack of sun during this lockdown. ?
  12. Alan

    Winter Project

    Brilliant job Chris. Just the twin to finish off now.
  13. Alan

    Winter Project

    Shorten one, then see if opinions change. Or a pepperpot for Bill and a stack for Ben
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