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  1. Alan


    Another update. The telescopic steering shaft was made from square box section tube, welded to the U/J which in turn plugged into the lower sprocket on the trailer. The inner sliding part was a length of 1/2" square bar filed to a nice sliding fit. This was drilled and threaded then screwed tightly onto the round rod which formed the other half of the shaft. A pin through the square bar and rod made sure nothing moved. A short extra piece was added later to give a bit more bearing surface although probably not needed. A bit of surface rust showing since it's last use. The large threaded hole is a left over from it's last life. The second photo shows it in it's storage position, held in place with the throttle cable. The trailer is disconnected by removing the throttle lever from the steering yoke, one screw, pulling the coupling pin and moving the trailer back which slides the two shaft sections apart. Coupling all together is just as simple. The throttle cable had to be extended to approx twice it's length. Think it was originally fitted to a lawn mower. Couldn't find anything suitable on the internet. The inner was 1mm. Most others found were 1.25 or 1.5mm. I could have opened up the cable slot in the carb piston but decided against this as after a bit of hunting found 1mm inner cable was available from China. A 5 metre length for £1 25 including postage. A 2 metre length of outer sleeve was found in the UK but couldn't find this to match the inner in China. Strange. After careful measurement the inner was cut to length and a short piece of brass tube soldered on one end. The carb top, outer sleeve etc was assembled followed by the lever end nipple being soldered in place. After connecting to the trailer everything was found to operate smoothly and with approx the same amount of movement as the original cable. This photo shows the new inner and brass tube nipple alongside the old.
  2. Alan

    Biddenden tractorfest 2018

    I'll second that Andrew. Joseph did a great job again, but as usual Iain was nowhere to be seen. Mini D enjoyed the shows too despite a few teething problems.
  3. Alan

    Trojan mk1

    Looks good Nigel.
  4. Alan

    Rural past times

    OOP's, I forgot Calvin had his specs on.
  5. Alan

    Rural past times

    Another good video Joseph, with a little help from Dad. I somehow missed seeing your August 20th photo's Norm. The young lad on Half a Horse is called Calvin and my excursion into the bushes was not due to my specs, jamming the steering mechanism with my foot did the trick.
  6. Alan

    Another Bolens for the collection

    Andrew, not seen in the video, but Joseph has a concealed remote and is also flying a camera equipped drone at low level. So, no need for a redundant Dad.
  7. Alan

    Another Bolens for the collection

    Another good video Joseph. I notice that your Dad is nowhere to be seen AGAIN.
  8. Alan

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Looking good Norm.
  9. Alan

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Or take it down to the beach and see how far the sand, or the pebbles go.
  10. Alan

    More Red Stuff.

    Well, he has. He has sold some stuff to make more room for more stuff. Makes sense to me.
  11. Alan

    You can never have enough sheds...

    Just needs an armchair in there Paul, then you can sit in comfort while viewing your handiwork. And before Chris says it, don't forget the kettle.
  12. Alan

    You can never have enough sheds...

    Looks good Paul. Wood looks much nicer than the breeze blocks I have in my garage, although most of them are hidden behind shelves full of clutter.
  13. Alan


    After discarding the chain drive the top sprocket was drilled and tapped 4 BA and an alloy bar bolted to it. This bar was drilled with extra holes for the push / pull rods so that various positions could be tried. The same was done with the bottom sprocket. The threaded rods are M6. These will be changed to round bar later and a better top bar made. All a temporary try out for now. Although this arrangement was better than the chain, there was still a lot of free play. A lot of this was from the various universal joints and male / female connections between the bottom sprocket and the front wheels. Better fitting U/J centers were made and various Male F/M joints drilled and tapped for grub screws which tightened things up but still not enough. The gap between the pin and it's through hole can be seen below. The cavity for the small coil spring didn't help either as a lot of the bearing surface was lost. This was not used in the replacement centers. Probably cheap U/J's found at my usual parts supply location.
  14. Alan

    Happy Birthday pmackellow.

    Happy Birthday Paul.
  15. Alan

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Looks good Chris.