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  1. There's no such thing as being retired when you retire Norm. The closest you get is TIRED as you say.
  2. Alan

    Tot rod

    Could be arranged Chris. Hybrid Horse already has a tow bar fitted.
  3. Alan

    Tot rod

    Not quite a Tot Rod but a Black Hood Wheel Horse look a like, sort of. Based on a Pride Celebrity scooter bought cheap as a non runner. Info said 6.25 MPH. Larger rear wheels make it faster. Steering wheel in place of the tiller with a dummy V twin engine to hide the scooter steering column. Chain and sprockets from column to wheel. 2 x 12 volt 75 amp battery's so should give a good run. Still needs decals. Only had short test run so far. Photo's of Grand daughter having a play. She loved it.
  4. Happy Birthday Iain.
  5. Happy Birthday Norm. Have a good one.
  6. Looking good Norm. And the surrounding greenery.
  7. It is Norm. PM sent Marcel.
  8. Very nice timtim. A good job so far. Totally different brass plate to mine. Not had a good look yet but there is a bit of play at the spindle bearings. I guess the spindle just runs in cast iron. Either this or the spindle or both are worn. Mine also missing two handles which should be easy to make. Still need to finish my Drummond Round Bed which has been put on the back burner. Too much to do.
  9. That's a good start Chris. Now we need to see all the others join the line up.
  10. Happy Birthday Joseph.
  11. Bill and Ben the flower pot men, and Little Weed.
  12. Alan

    Oh Eck!

    Still a way to go before you catch up with my 6 great grand children Norm, then you WILL feel old.
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