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  1. Alan

    Winter Project

    My thoughts as well. Would be less of a trap with the edge turned inwards.
  2. Sorry for your loss Nigel.
  3. There might be a few that just need a gentle push Norm.
  4. Wet and windy in Aldershot. but no waves like on the coast. Not seen any trees down, but haven't been outside to look.
  5. Alan

    John Deere 70

    Looking good Nigel.
  6. Well done Norm. A big sigh of relief from you. Now, whats the next job.
  7. Brilliant work as usual Richard.
  8. Work will slow down now that the kettle has been brought back to life.
  9. Alan

    1962 Bolens 600

    Like the way you used the tractor to clean the fuel tank Joseph. Saved a lot of arm rattle ache.
  10. Same to you Norm, and all forum members.
  11. Getting there Ian. Keep the updates coming.
  12. Alan

    Winter Project

    Looking good Chris. That old brake press has come in handy since coming out of retirement.
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