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  1. I sent a email to a guy called george from villierspares.co.uk and he just replied with we have a lot of old bronze F,weels but cant see one amrked R56 now for a company who sells villiers spares you would of thought there stock they have would of been listed as parts from a specific engines not listed as bronze coloured fly wheels.lol i have a question if i can find the parts and its finished and running what would the engine be worth.i dont want to spend £100 and its only worth £30. i already have £20 in it all ready. also can anyone tell me why do they call this engine a v engine,do they make a normal model to.i just read a post with a member showing a new engine he got and asked the what's it worth question and someone replied is it a v engine.
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  3. I have decided to stop the project on this engine because I cannot find parts I need so the engine will be used for parts, if anyone is interested in any parts then please email me .
  4. i don't think the engine model i have was fitted in a motorbike.i bet the barrel,head,piston would of been used but not the engine its self.do you know what colour the engine was or was it just left normal . are these engines rare,i don't see a lot of spares on ebay.do you think is it worth stripping down and cleaning and painting as a project or just left alone.
  5. Hi matt,thanks for the offer,i already have a manual,its a flywheel i don't have so if i cannot sort one it will be for just bits,
  6. I have had this engine for over 20 years,i took it out of a old machine,the machine then was all rusty and had seen better days,i took the engine home and took a look at it. usual thing no spark .i remember taking it apart,cleaning the points and carb putting some fuel in it and it started up.anyway its been under the bench for the last 20 years and with this lock down i had a bit of a tidy up and got it out. checked over and same thing. no spark again so off comes the flywheel and points cleaned and wayyhayy nice good spark.i put some fuel in the tank and it leaked.fuel tap cork had dried out so that was leaking.carb was leaking from the tickler anyway aĺ sorted. but noticed a small crack on the round bush which is soldered to the tank were the tap screws into.i tried fixing it with plumbers solder but the tank gets to hot on the collet and it works but the joint is to thin so im going to try lead when i can find some. i don't 2have the flywheel cowling because it had a big hole in it and it was mostly rusted away.anyway over this past month i have been trying to find out about this engine i couldn't find much on it and then found out i was spelling brockhouse wrong lol anyway its off a 1945 bmb hoemate 2 if anyone is looking for a working engine for there hoemate you know where one is. i would like to swap it for something bigger for me to mess about .i don't mind if the engine isnt running as long as all the parts are there.i do have a video of the engine running buti cannot upload it because its big i will see if i can resize it.
  7. I got this engine about 10 years ago it was given to me by a farm owner.i was in a sorry state,i started to take it apart and just gave up on it and put all the bits in a box and left it.i even cut the flywheel up because i wanted the centre part for something else.anyway I put some photos of a brockhouse engine i took out of a hoemate 20 odd years ago and someone mentioned about the villiers mk10 engine.because i had cut up the flywheel up i was going to offer it as spares but someone said that the engine was quite rare because it was a old one.he could tell buy the v carb its got.i know nothing about the engine.i just know how to fix them.anyway I have started to take the rest apart,clean and polish a few things up but now i think the project is on hold because i need a fly wheel part no R56/A.55.if theres anyone who as a spare flywheel i would be very greatful if you could let me have it. i would like to finish it off because its a nice little engine.i don't know if i should polish the brass flywheel if i can get one or not polish and just put the cowling back on.anyway here are some photos,
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