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  1. Ohlsson and Rice outboard motor for sale guys if anyone’s interested I’ve bought something else more suitable I think and more powerful too,she’s had the new diaphragm and gaskets in the carb but the needle and seat wasn’t sealing causing a leak obviously but if you switch the position of the gasket that may solve that issue I’ve just lost interest in it now,price is £150 Ono needs to go I’ve no use for it now. Solihull West Midlands
  2. I’m not sure actually I’ve recently sent a gearbox to Switzerland it was only around £60 much heavier too.
  3. Thanks guys but I think il be selling this outboard motor if anyone on here is interested? I’ve just acquired a Honda 2.3 which is more appropriate for the size of craft we intend to push.
  4. Thanks David yes I’m from the uk,the kit you have is it just the diaphragm or a complete kit to do a full rebuild on the carb? How can I pay you and how much? Are the crank seals available if i need them too?
  5. Here we go the smallest outboard I’ve ever had!
  6. will do buddy when I get home tonight il drag it out thanks James.
  7. Hi Guys new to the forum and to O&R engines in general,I have an outboard motor from the 1970’s I believe and it’s in great condition really other than the cowling is a bit past it,she has spark and I’ve had her running briefly on brake cleaner just to confirm she’s a goer but I really need a carb kit for it to be of any use on my fiberglass dingy I know it’s a long shot but are there any about?
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