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  1. That's why they call it snail mail. Glade to see it on the way
  2. Brake fluid will swell rubber to just don't leave the seal in there long or it will fit your ridding mower.
  3. I could use some baffles if you have any.
  4. A set of baffles would be nice I have a few more that are missing in action. Maybe a few diaphragms I'm getting low on them any thing else you could use before I send this out. Clint what about you any thing you need how about anyone I'm willing to do some horse trading
  5. Have 6 of the arm springs I can send 2 I have 3 mufflers # 122-1 #122-2 # a-11-13 Can send you 1. Also have muffler bolts in I think 3 to 4 sizes and extensions and have 50 - 1/32 balls
  6. I will go along with you on that!!!
  7. I have a bag of 50 of each of the balls . I have some carb arm springs not sure how many. I will look Not sure on muffler I will check they are like the air filters and heat baffles they take them off and there gone.
  8. If there is something you need just let me know (same thing a lot of and none of others ) wont run out of diaphragms any time soon thanks to clint!!
  9. looks great!!! That's what I should do I get them running then take the carbs back off and clean out the fuel. Try not to move the needles or change anything. So there is two tapered shafts one short and one long and the keys don't make any difference?
  10. Ya I agree !!! The man that sent me the toby-cart had it in a box 2x2x6 when I seen it on to steps I had no idea what was in that box.
  11. That would be great !!! Just looking at a picture that one would not be to hard to make . Now the one for the carb side that might be fun.
  12. It is missing but nun in the stash I never have what I’m looking for. Next time I see some on eBay I will have them
  13. I know what you mean we just need about 30 hour in a day. But then we would want 36 and so on. I will send it out on Monday. ( Just need to work with the time we have)
  14. Got 2 kits and I think most of the gaskets thought I had some seals bot cant find them in this mess.
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