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  1. Was he ok with that if so i can put a check in the mail .let us know
  2. hens teeth are something very hard to find if you have never seen them you properly never will . some of use have seen them and may never see them again some of us have them and do not know it . some of us don't want to see them . some of us have know idea what they are . I'm sorry I miss this I wish I had more time to do it
  3. If that works let me know I will take 8 @ 10
  4. That's the older one do you have recoil dogs for the old ones there like hens teeth looks nice and clean don't know were you find the time
  5. Did your neighbor say that he would need to make them I could use 6 to 10 of them with no rings . I don't know if he want's to make that many ?
  6. I don't think I've ever seen one ether. I wonder if there is one in the boat engine that I have?
  7. I see your working at record pace did you get kicked out of the house again
  8. I would be happy to have a few too let me know how it works out
  9. Here is a pic of the aquqbug i did a few years back it shows the crankshaft
  10. whats it going on? its very clean hope to see more. my stuff is still packed . going down to the Florida flywheel show on the 20th of January maybe will find something to make me get going again working for someone its hard to find time
  11. looks like brakes off my old atc. you need to build one of these for your collection
  12. Found another pic I had its not a very good pic of the mounting. I thought this might help a pic of the ser #
  13. That's nice been checking on here every now and then this is a great subject I will add some pic's I have they may help. The drive pulley works as forward and reverse the shifter in the drivers seat when you pull it back it gives slack on the belt and the flat side hits the rubber on the disc to go in reverse
  14. That's a nice find look to be in great shape p.s. it seems hard to find time anymore to do anything extra
  15. Ive been keeping an eye on you too just not a lot of time these days. Things are starting to work out and I hope to have some time to do what I love to do. just set at the work bench and fix things , I'm going to dig out something and get it going. my problem is everything is still in boxes.
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