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  1. By the way, what brand/color of red paint do you use- that’s a pretty nice match to original O&R?
  2. Nice looking unit. They seemed to like green paint. cool air filter setup nice find. look like the recoil has been changed some of the screws are green ??
  3. I like that stretch that out at the bottom and maybe heat it with a heat gun to swell it a little that would be almost perfect. Will try that thanks . If you made a small template that dip-and- grip looks like it would work great too. Might just have to try that too. I will let you know!
  4. Not sure will look when I go to the shop. I know its engine paint Ill let you know.
  5. Now that would be like finding a needle in a hay stack!
  6. The coil fit rite in place the wire was to long and cracked had to do a little repair there. I don't like using new parts because once you put them on an engine there gone. still have a few used ones to use first. Yes I got the insulator cap with the Engine I'm missing about 6 of them don't know what I'm going to put it on. p.s. Those are plug wrenches
  7. I get in the tanks first with these and push out as much as I can. I have bent them to get were I need to go first
  8. Will shes done this one didn't take to long tank was the worst. now on to the next ? what will that be ( yes it has the wrong coil )
  9. I seen that strange looking thing. Defoliation have never seen anything like that before
  10. Very nice- what is it attached to? looks like that is a nice unit the one i'm working on is a shelf unit has a chain sprocket on it but no plans for it at this time.
  11. Its about time you got a project started. Doing the carb on the h as we seek Its about half done .
  12. Well it looked good just copied and pasted ad. did anyone here get it??
  13. Nice look engine on ebay if anyone is interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/123974940768
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