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  1. Checked out that old video and I think I can out run you now. We need to have a go of this again
  2. I think you are looking for a ( UY-6 ) plug there's some on ebay or you may be able to fine one in an older auto parts store
  3. Do you have pics of your generator ? I have a diaphragm if this is what you need ? message me with your address and I will send you one . I would like to see them all running again
  4. Not much left of that is there any of the motor brackets ? Its to bad that it was cannibalized like that.
  5. David your are correct never look that close I ran across it and seen it had the rollers and just grabbed it Hard to fine things at this point for me every thing is still in boxes.
  6. scrounged up a recoil but the decal is not the same it is a new recoil housing and all new parts. The others I have are with an eyelet not rollers its up to you but I would try to make it as close as I can to organelle . And I don,t have the screws . just let me know .
  7. I will go to the warehouse on Wednesday to see what I can find . This will be a pleasure to help get this going. I will grab a set of flywheel dog as David suggested and a new carburetor diaphragm too I,m sure you will need one. I hope this will get you what you need. ( p.s. would like all of them in working order) Take a good look and see if there is any thing else you may need.
  8. That,s awesome !!! would you like to restore that recoil or find a used one to put on it ? I can scrounge you up a used one . you may need to paint it . message me with an address . would love some pictures of the way the front and rear excels are in the car and the drive system.
  9. Just wondering what this picture is of the drive looks like a devillaine ? looks like the same drive system and brakes
  10. That was to funny. I just watched it a few time myself That looks great if you just looked at a picture I don't think you would know the difference (Awesome job )
  11. No I closed the shop to take care of family in Florida just haven't found a house yet. I,m trying to keep an eye on things but its hard with a new job. hope all is good ?
  12. Looks nice when are you getting started on it?
  13. That's a nice Auger I like the way the handle go all the way around. Hopefully I can find a house soon so I can get back to work on these things . look great
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