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  1. Looks great Clint your on a roll. I may send you a half dozen of mine so you will have something to do
  2. No I don't have the number on the one I used . But from past experience just because the bearing number is 6001 that doesn't mean all the measurements are all the same. been there done that before
  3. The bearings were not hard to find I replaced them on mine they were a little dry too. looking good you have a new land speed record.
  4. I think its about time for an addition to the shed it looking a little cramped these days. Maybe a second store ?
  5. Looks great keep up the good work I like the aluminum look ( simple ) Things today just to (complicated ) lets go back to the old days. ( just not to far)
  6. Clint I could use 4 or 5 of those just to put some engines on that are just sitting on a shelf
  7. The fuel line is not completely clogged but the tank has a good amount of slug in the bottom I will try to clean out the tank and see what happens. Thanks for all the input
  8. I'm not sure if its clogged yet just getting ready to go threw the tank. just thought I would ask before I scre#ed something up never had one like this apart. the meier line saw had a rubber line and a filter that was a pain in the a$$ that were the little spy cam came from .
  9. They have stoves men just can’t use them
  10. Clint you must have a very good collection now, has your wife told you to go stay in the garage yet. my wife asks me every time I'm on the computer if I'm looking at toys. That one look like a simple clean up.
  11. Got a little time this morning got the carb back in together. We are working at lightning speed todays. need to clean out the tank does anyone know how the fuel pickup is in this tank fuel inlet to small to put my spy camera in .
  12. Look great nice job. maybe I will send you a few of my projects that I don't seem to have time to get done. your making short work of your projects. I still have one all over the bench.
  13. Don't thing my wife would consider letting me look a something like that. never seen one or a picture That's cool . I bet it goes faster then the mini bike or the tody-cart That's awesome
  14. Nothing wrong with the small engines that were the big one came from.
  15. good luck with that they told me 2 to 3 week to get them
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