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  1. That looks pretty bad . I know you didn't do that on your own was there someone poking you. can you take a small chisel and catch the cut in the screw and turning it out.
  2. I work on lawn mower for a living I'm not a computer goro I'm lucky I can add a pic. Just turn your computer upside down and you will be able to see it just fine.
  3. Well she showed up today she looks in good shape I will need to do fuel lines carburetor the normal don't think I will take it all apart like John but i will use a few Q-tip and clean it up We need a fetcher to turn pic right side up
  4. 137-1 the price book says its 44" 137-2 the price book says 45" not a lot of difference hope that helps
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-OHLSSON-amp-RICE-1HP-2-STROKE-GAS-ENGINE-W-TINY-TIGER-GENERATOR-300-WATT-/233499400699?hash=item365da619fb%3Ag%3A~6QAAOSw29ZeTGSz&nma=true&si=%2Be89Bj04bIJJ2ZHxKWO5vxfLboQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 starting bit 174.50 there going to try to sell it again
  6. Never relay had much lock with repairing plastic. They do have plastic welder for bumper on cars you may need to get one. Also looks like a bit of wiring to be done Hopefully it wont be to bad.
  7. Thanks I must have mist the post . I will print one out.
  8. You do know it was April fools day
  9. No I'm going to sell a few of the one I have thing are not good here. I'm open to offers on what I have.there's two that are not for sale
  10. looks great Its only missing the corner. Did you decide to put the cable back on. I would give you the 165.50 but it looks like a may need to sell a few of the one I have pm me if there's any you might be interested in.
  11. Clint I think we are more birds of prey not vultures. I think his wires are crossed just like the glow plug wiring . Still working on that can't seem to make that work.
  12. I know you not talking about me
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