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  1. This may help with what carburetor kit you need Walbro made 5 rebuild kits and only one gasket kit k1-lmb fits about 35 carbs k2-lmb fits just 2 k3-lmb fits about 50 k4-lmb fits 1 k5-lmb fits 4 g1-lm is the gasket kit looks like it fits all of them I will attach a list of the two most popular kits. seem to all be available . lmb carb.pdf
  2. Ya that paint look's like it may come off. Id give it a try can't loose much by trying.
  3. That's cool where do you find time to look for these things ? I can't find time to get my c/saw done. Look like it was ford blue to start.
  4. Looks nice all the parts are there seems like all the ones I see are missing half the parts. You seem to find the good ones. I need to get out more and see what i can find. ( That will clean up nice )
  5. That's nice, great shape. No that's better then great shape. like the instructions ( READ INSTRUCTION AGAIN ) It would be nice if some of my customers would do that.
  6. That seat board is net I seen some on line and in books but I thought they were a phantom that's awesome. would love to find one ( no chance of that )
  7. That was cool like to see them working again. how fast are the (about 15 mph ) ?
  8. Did you fine a bike to put this on yet ? That old Schwinn would be the best choice. I would like to see a video of you going down the road in it . that would be cool .
  9. Will I wasn't going to paint it but the tank need a lot of cleaning. Those are some great pix,s of the cover . I toyed with the idea of fiberglass but maybe next time. The tanks the next part of the project .
  10. David they are 1 1/8 or 1.125 with no paint the originals are about 1.135 to 1.145 just depends on witch one I masher .
  11. Been working a lot this week just found some time to work on my saw . Made a cardboard stencil of a cover then cut it out of some tin. Then brazed it together a little sanding and I have a cover. came out ok for the first one. now I might need to paint the rest.
  12. Just need a bike to put it on ! an old one would be nice. nice find!!!
  13. Just thought I would give my two cents about recoil knobs scene we are fixing recoils I found a place to get them . just need to drill the holes and paint .
  14. Yeah Ive had thing like that happen. Was walking in to a tractor show a man was walking out with an outboard he side he payed $35 for it. My wife said it wasn't meant to be. ( She just thinks I have to many now ) I told her just give me some time I will find more .
  15. Thanks I was wondering about what year it was made. I will ck out Mcmasters they seen to have everything .
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