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  1. That,s cool I seen a man using one about 20 years ago. We need to see that in action when it,s done!!!
  2. I wonder has the test run went with out one
  3. I see it takes all of us to keep him straight. look great
  4. Look great. color looks spot on to me looking forward to seeing it done and on the shelf. let me know when your ready for a project or two
  5. I just found this on epay someone need to jump on this its a deal /www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Little-PETRO-Engine-Ohlsson-Rice-O-R-Minibike-Vintage-Mini-Bike-TAS-Tanaka/254706786433?hash=item3b4db52081:g:9fgAAOSwCl9fTqt6
  6. Never replaced one before but that should work to spread it out you night need to take a roll pin punch to it after that to tighten it a little. I have no idea what make people think they need to drill out the rivets anyway
  7. You will need to get in line he need's to do about 10 for me first I don't know were he finds the time but I'm jellies they look great . Maybe in a few months I will have some time.
  8. You know what they say about opinions but I kinda like the lime green and it will break up the red and yellow on your shelf.
  9. That's a cool tank where did you find it?
  10. Now we know how he get his projects done ( two of the kids ) My problem is I sent them out of the house a few years back all I have is a cat. Witch sometimes the clews come in handy ( mice snakes criders ) looks great all back together!!!
  11. No not much time maybe be November just seem to busy this time of year. ( maybe when I retire ) I get home just want to relax and unwind.
  12. Your getting slow in your old age. A few weeks ago that would have been done by now
  13. That's what most of us do I think we all have a 50 year supply
  14. I'm happy now ! Just didn't wont you to take off a finger. whats next?
  15. But your on a roll can't stop now It would only take you about 10 to 15 minutes at best with your speed
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