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  1. Hi all, I have a Howard Gem 810cc 360° Twin Cylinder Rotavator for sale, for anyone’s interested. Started to rebuild it, but ran out of time. Quite tidy. Please message if your interested, and I’ll send pics. thanks
  2. Hi, I have an Amal 397/13 carburettor for sale, which I bought for my Howard Gem rotavator. Ended up not using it, so up for grabs if anyone’s interested? thanks
  3. Hi, If they are still available, I would like to buy one. I have sent an email to you. Many thanks, Rou
  4. Thanks. Let me know if they sell or not. I'm needing a carb for my Howard Gem 810cc 360 twin cylinder, and came across this earlier today; just too late. I'd probably only be interested in one carb anyway. Kind regards,
  5. Hi, Do you know of any more that I could buy? Thanks
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