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  1. WTF - a carb on the shelf does me no good. Since my delving into macro photography consumes more cash than I had planned for - the last of the 937 carbs is still for sale. Payment via PayPal - 100 quid for a brand new carb plus 27 GBP for shipping - I will include 2 brand new manifold gaskets with the purchase. Should anyone require just the manifold gasket - I can get them over here in "Germania" for cheap - identical gaskets were used for a complete different application. We´re talking 2 quid per gasket plus shipping fee via registered letter. Should anyone have some interesting analog/manual lenses mit M42 thread to trade - do not be bashful to send me a personal message. I`m sure that we can work out a deal. C ya skookum
  2. Well, sold another one to a buyer in France and I think that I´ll just keep the remaining one for a rainy day. Funny thing though - some people expect a down to dirt cheap price with all securities in the transaction on their side - maybe they ought to have contacted Amal for the price of a new 397 carb, when these units were still on the market and being sold new. Nice doing business with you guys. Cheers and a happy new year skookum
  3. Just a few words on how this is going work : my email address is posted above. Anyone truly interested will send me an email . There are no reserves on this here deaL - IT IS A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE OPERATION. I have these carbs listed for sale on other sites as well and as mentioned before - when they´re gone - they´re gone.
  4. No, sorry - I don´t. I have two of these Amal 397 left - that´s all I got. They are listed for sale on other sites as well - when they´re gone - they´re gone. Should the expeatfarmer not be interested in the purchase - you are more than welcome to buy both - or just one of them - suit yourself.
  5. Sorry - wrong section of the forum - maybe an admin could shift it to the "rotovator section"
  6. Sorry - wrong section of the forum - maybe an admin could shift it to the "rotovator section"
  7. here the same unit in front of a sand spreader - a Danish sander with wheel driven dispenser shaft - dispenser rate adjustable by moving trough up/down from shaft by lever with lock positions Dampened (adjustable) seat mount for added comfort - fitting pillow not shown
  8. Just some pics - had this unit for some time now. AEBI AM 70 walk behind tractor. MAG 1035 - 8 hp - 4-stroke side valve - 350 ccm - gasoline engine - purrs like a Swiss watch. 3 speed forward - reverse - differential lock - homemade front pto to norm 1 3/8 shaft Custom made trailer hitch more pics - handle bar adjustment refurbished more pics - home made front pto adapter - shaft is 1 3/8th inch 6 spline - pulley is twin 13mm with internal 1 3/8 " norm hub
  9. Hi, Just some pics. 485 kg beast with 18 inch rims - 10hp Sachs 2-stroke water cooled diesel 500 ccm - 6 speed forward - 2 speed reverse - 2 pto speeds - differential lock - handlebar adjustment up - as well as 45° sideways possible in 3 positions each. Has front pto with overrunning clutch for front mower. Rear pto shaft = 28mm diameter with 8mm key groove Steering brake on each handlebar side - when both brakes need to be applied simultaneously as when going downhill with trailer, I use the parking brake lever. Units like this should NOT be run without competent trailer brakes in nowadays public traffic - the braking power of the Hummel is less than adequate at Vmax of 12,7 km/h More pics. Trailer hitch attachment rotates internally - so rotational movement of the trailer tongue is thus accomplished. Lube plan riveted to top of hood
  10. whenever you´re ready. I sure aim to have a jolly good holiday - no doubt about that.
  11. Hi, I only have two carbs left as I have sold one of them to a friend in the Netherlands, since posting this ad. DHL charges 27€ shipping fee from Germany to the UK - this is their cheapest rate and the price is out of my control. The math is thus quite easy and the total sum amounts to 227€. Not being a chiseler, I have calculated the GBP (sale price was quoted in quids) to Euro at an exchange rate of 1:1 ( that is sort of a discount of 14% for you) Having looked up your postal code on the internet, I was informed that you live in Wigton / UK --- pretty close to the border of Scotland. I spent 3 weeks camping with my daughter in the Highlands and the Isle of Skye in 2019 - a very nice vacation if I may say so - extremely good people - even better Whisky - fantastic fishing. When in Ullapool we even took in a parade of vintage British tractors as well as a show with antique farm implements - had lots of fun there, as well as the best fish&chips we´ve ever eaten. Only thing that bothered me was that you people drive on the wrong side of the road - just like in Indonesia. (wink) As for more personal details concerning your exact shipping address in case you should be interested in going through with the deal -- you can reach me by e-mail under : skookum@gmx.de You most likely will have to pay import duty on the merchandise (thanks to Brexit) and I can not tell you the exact amount - please do inform yourself on how much, beforehand. I do believe that they incorporate the shipping fee in their calculation, though. At least they have done this repeatedly in my case in Germany - after having ordered vintage recurve bows or Harley parts from the US. They argued that the shipping fee constituted an added value to the bows / parts - you figure that one out - personally, I am quite flabbergasted as to their reasoning and rather suspect them of "milking the cow to the last drop". In this case however, one could argue that it would be a re-import of British made parts to their country of origin - maybe it will hold cause - I ain´t got a clue if it´ll work out - just food for thought. As for method of payment I prefer PayPal - the last time I sold to the UK my bank gouged me 30% (in words : thirty percent) for exchange rate GBP into Euros and transfer of funds from abroad - I was a might ticked off - and that is putting it into polite terms not using the "f-word". Greetings from Germany and wishing you a merry Christmas skookum edited due to spelling errors - should you find any additional ones, you may keep them absolutely free of charge RIDE FREE - KEEP COOL - BE TRUE
  12. Thanks again. Even though the outside of these carbs have discolorations due to oxidation - they are all NOS and have never seen service on any engine. Regrettably Amal could not give me much info on the units - I would guesstimate their vintage to be somewhere around 1970, maybe even earlier. The allen head float bowl drain plug as well as the throttle lever were fitted new by me, as they were non existent when I bought the carbs. The throttle shaft lever is actually a steering arm component from a RC model car - I just liked the fact that it had a brass bushing and that its´ price was within reason. Here is a link to the parts list with an exploded view : https://amalcarb.co.uk/other-amal-carbs/type-396-397-398.html As mentioned above, the main jet used is identical to Mikuni (4/042) and readily available in a variety of sizes for a very reasonable price. I also forgot to mention that the carb has a spring loaded manual choke.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the info. Does the Amal 356 have a horizontal (as shown in the pics) or a vertical mounting hole pattern ?
  14. Hi, I still have 3 brand new (NOS = new old stock) Amal 397 carbs for sale. This carb replaces the Amal 225/22 as well as the Amal 348/10 carb as fitted to the Howard Gem rototiller as well as to some marine generators. The carb has a venturi of 24mm and used the same jets as the Mikuni type 4/042 - readily and quite reasonable available for motorcycles. Mounting hole center to center distance is 48mm - I can fabricate an adapter disc for vertical mounting holes I will provide a brand new flange gasket with the carb. Forum price is 100 quid per unit plus shipping cost from Germany to the UK - I do prefer DHL in this matter
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