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    I have been collecting, rebuilding and restoring antique engines and machinery for more than 20 years. I have over 300 engines in my collection from .75hp to 575hp. I primarily collect Wisconsin Engines, Hall-Scott Engines, Detroit Diesels, Lister Diesels, Howard Rotavators, Maxim Snow Throwers, Quincy Compressors, Salsbury Scooters and just about anything inbetween.
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  1. As best as I can tell this is a first generation drillgine with the O&R type 100 3/4hp engine (serial 013352). I bought this drill a while back. It was seized up tight. I tried my best to save this one. It sat in my heated ultrasonic for three days vibrating away. I even went to the extent of putting the crankcase in my lathe to cut the cylinder off to save the piston and rod. Sadly the engine was too far gone and it was not meant to be. When my parting tool grabbed the port on the steel liner the crankcase got pulled out of the chuck on my lathe and bye bye went the crankcase. I was able to save the crankshaft from this mess. I am not going to get around to this project anytime soon so I figured I would offer it up for parts should someone be needing them for their drillgine, or if someone wanted to be ambitious and rebuild this one. I did find one repair on the drill which actually looks well done. The drill case has been tig welded up and someone added a little bent steel bracket to better support the handle. I realize this is not in great shape, and I am not looking to get rich on it. I will ship this drill anywhere in the USA. Please send me a private message if interested with your offer. Thanks Chris
  2. Thank you very much for your in depth replies David! I would have never been able to figure all of that out. My hat is off to you. You must have a wealth of O&R literature in your collection. Now that I know what it is, I will have to pull it all down and make it as right as possible. These little bicycle engines are really neat. Chris
  3. David, The sticker on the blower shroud says "Manufactured and warranted by O&R Engines Incorporated 3340 Emory Street Los Angeles California USA" Chris
  4. I love the gear reduction feeding a gear reduction. I have a much larger Jaeger double drum winch with a 31horsepower Wisconsin inline 4 cylinder engine that works in a similar fashion, only It is like 300x the size. Yours looks much more manageable. I cannot wait to see this thing work. I hope you have something you can winch with it. Chris
  5. CNew, I ended up buying the O&R 20 crankcase off of ebay. I am not sure what to think as of right now. There is some very odd wear patterns in the plated cylinder. I am wondering if this engine has only a few minutes of run time on it, as the rings seem to have been jumping in the cylinder. I will put the cylinder in my Sunnen honing machine and see what a few revolutions do with the junior hone, carbide stones and flood cooling. The piston looks phenomenal. I hope to use the best parts possible to fix the 20A powered sprayer I have. Chris
  6. Here is another one of my O&R pumps. Sadly this one also came from the man my Lancaster mini pump came from which was seized up hard. This one looked and felt promising, and bam what do you know, Richard from New Jersey shows up and ruins your day! I cannot believe he hot glued the flywheel to the crankshaft. It turned with compression and spark! I see that the pump has a tag which says 0.85hp @ 6000rpm, and the blower shroud on the engine has the remains of a 1hp decal. I measured the bore/stroke and it is a 21.9cc engine. Type # 133. From reading online the 133 should be olive drab 0.85hp decal shroud of this style. I bet he tried to run it and that flywheel blew the original housing to smithereens. Thankfully I have a donor 0.85hp olive drab blower housing in this style in my parts drawer. I am done buying O&Rs from this guy. He burnt me twice in a row. There may be a 'repair' to the pump housing too, as it appears to be tig welded up just above the drain port. I have not seen another in person, so not sure what exactly to expect. At least it is clean and presentable now, until I find a crankshaft and the necessary parts to fix it. Chris
  7. Thanks for the link, I have bought from Bryce before, he is a little less than honest with his descriptions. I think it is still worth the gamble because of the price. I will likely purchase the crankcase this week. Chris
  8. For your amusement is the rare 6 port O&R engine! This engine was put away "running", as I am sure most are! This little O&R must have been dug out of a lake bed. The muffler was completely packed full of mud. I bead blasted the engine and submerged it in my heated ultrasonic cleaner for three days. I gave the cylinder a wiggle with my O&R cylinder removal tool, and snap, the connecting rod blew in half. With the cylinder separated from the crankcase I re-blasted the engine this time getting under the piston, and into the crankcase. The crankcase free'd up within an hours time in the ultrasonic. The piston was a job the grease gun fought with. I am surprised to say that this little casting can actually take 5,000psi of force, as the bypass on the pump hit a few times as heat was applied. The little piston finally came out, and it was rusted and corroded all over. It turns out that the mud in the muffler eat through the cast iron liner into the cylinder. So much for trying to save the cylinder! This one is a goner. I will have to put a donor piston/cylinder/rod in this one when I go about replacing all of the needle bearings. I thought you guys would like to see the pictures even though the situation isnt the greatest. The pump has been loosely reassembled and now has spark, so that is a good thing! Chris
  9. Thanks! I appreciate it. I think mine was run on 50:1 or straight gas at some time. It is on an insecticide sprayer so it is certainly worth fixing! I hope to pull the cylinder soon and see how the bore looks. It appears to be a 'chrome' plated bore which I was surprised at. I was hoping it would have had a cast iron bore like the little compact engines. Chris
  10. Thanks! I was really scratching my head on this one, as I have a lovely Orline chicken power in my collection, and there are a LOT of small differences between these two units. I would love to complete this one, as I want to run two of them on my bicycle at least once! Also as a side note, I forgot to mention. There is no primer on the AEP bicycle engine. This carburetor was on this engine when I bought it, but there were a few other busted up carbs in a bucket of loose parts with it, and I wasnt sure which it had. Would this have had a primer carburetor? Also, if anyone has a type number for this AEP bicycle engine, can you please share it. I will need to hunt down the right parts for it at some point. Chris
  11. You have some really nice O&R stuff John! What is your "Lapadary saw" Is that a mini table saw? Is there an official count on all of the machinery O&R powered? Just when you think youve seen them all a dozen other oddballs show up! I cannot believe they had a powered earth auger. I really like your fogger, compressor and power pole. Chris
  12. I picked up what I believe to be an O&R Compact III Chicken power bicycle engine. It was seized up when I bought it. I have since blasted and free'd it up. It will certainly need a lot of love. However what I am curious about is the recoil housing, and the manifold/muffler on this engine. All of the Orline/Chicken power bicycle engines I have seen had the common 'teardrop' O&R blower shroud. This one has the later boxy blower shroud. This one also has an odd exhaust manifold with a threaded end. This is the first I have seen a threaded exhaust manifold on an O&R. Is this engine just an odd combination of parts? There are no numbers on the engine anywhere, and sadly the one sheet metal shroud that would have had some stamped information is missing. There are no numbers stamped on the flats of the crankcase. Chris
  13. Does anyone have a 400081 piston or 200023 rings for an Ohlsson & Rice 20A engine? I havent been on here in a few years. I finally scored a 20A for my collection. It does run, but the piston is rather scuffed when looking thru the exhaust port. I will have to pull the cylinder and check it out. These seem to be very hard engines to find. I only have one in my collection of ~25 O&Rs. Were they only used on chainsaws, hedge trimmers and an outboard? Seems like there are none of them out there compared to the common O&Rs. Chris
  14. I would never consider using a steel flywheel key in a soft aluminum flywheel. It is just asking for trouble. It is common misconception that the flywheel key locks the flywheel to the crankshaft. That is not at all true. It only locates the flywheel for proper timing (in this instance). The taper on the crankshaft is what holds the flywheel in place. In olden days, racers would leave the key completely out of there hotrodded L head engines. As long as the flywheel was sufficiently tight you did not even need one. This allowed operators to change the timing of the engine to whatever their heart desired. Chris
  15. That is quite a little hedge trimmer. I wonder if someone hit a chain link fence or something hard and steel with the trimmer head, in turn breaking the connecting rod. It looks like the damage occured while it was running, and not just a sawing operation to separate the parts. Very cool project. I have been trying to find a Little Wonder with an O&R for the longest time. Chris
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