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  1. Hi Sorry been off line for a while. sold on e-bay for a poultry £62.00. But thems the breaks.
  2. Due to lack of time and space I have decided to rationalise my small collection of machinery. As a tester I am selling my Wheelhorse B115 in working order but primarily needing a paint job. It is currently on a certain auction site but if anyone wants to make an offer please feel free to do so. Battery is a bit suspect but it starts ok, Full details on the auction site. Pics attached
  3. If the square one is available could I have it please. Thanks
  4. No sign of an Id plate and I don't want to start taking the head off so it looks like this will have to be a guess so assume the larger engine. If it is of any help the outside measurement of the air intake is 20mm. Just made a new throttle arm (carb end) and now have full throttle control. Ain't life good when things work. Should have asked how do I pay for the air filter? Not done this before. Thanks
  5. Not sure about engine size, is there an easy way to ascertain this please?
  6. Hi All. Just purchased this Atco 1466 which I understand is a 14" built 1966 but have no more information. Number on engine appears to be 692023 ( see pic) previous owner was having problems with the speed control hence reason for sale. noted there is no evidence of an air filter attached to the carb if anyone has any ideas where to get one that would be appreciated. Have taken the carb apart and cleaned it also changed the oil twice as what was in the sump was more like tar. I noted the governor spring was very fragile and clearly not doing what it was supposed to do which may have gone some way to explain why the throttle control was ineffective. Shortened the existing spring as it broke off and tinkered with the governor plate straightening the plate where the link rod connected to the carb was attached. The beginnings of success we now have some speed control to a degree. Having tightened a few other loose bolts on the clutch control I appear to have made some advances. Any other thoughts appreciated.
  7. Sorry been out of the loop for a while. Looks like a Peerless transmission. Slight technical problem since my post, it decided to break a con rod but fortunately with no damage to piston or block. Now replaced and running well albeit the drive pulleys caused major problems with removal and I have to replace the deck pulley at some stage due to over zealous pulling. Recently had the good fortune to get hold of 2 ride-ons for £75 one Toro 16-38HXLE and an older Countax believed to be C series. The Countax came as a freebie as it was non working. Am still digging out the 1" thick rat poo covering from the barn it was stored in. Electrics seem to be the problem but will post further when this is progressing. I know these are a bit newer than the average post on this site but both have had a hard life!
  8. My B & S 11hp broke a con rod and on taking it apart the crankshaft is slightly scored. Not certain it need replacing but erring on caution wondered if you had the bits I need. Will get gaskets and seal from briggsbits (unless there is a cheaper option). Parts are; Conrod 490348 crankshaft 692944 Any help appreciated. If it is not cost effective I guess the old dear will be up for sale. Thanks
  9. Sorry for the delay in thanking you for this info. Really helpful, will see what I can get. Thanks again. just googled Smiths and the part number but with no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction please. Thanks.
  10. Having just looked through the info I have just concluded that it is back to the drawing board to make a new fan. Will update when I have something that seems to work. Thanks again all who have commented and assisted.
  11. Sorry for delay but here are 2 pics which may help. I have had the unit off the mower and there is no ID as far as I can see.Nearest I can find is on e-bay a Craftsman fan but it is not the right blade pitch. Fan fits on the end of the toothed pulley wheel in first pic and top of belt which goes round the pulley moves right to left. If that makes any sence! Any help appreciated.
  12. My Clearway has been overheating as the grass it has to cut keeps growing and it needs to work harder. Unfortunately this allows air into the Hydro drive and the mower slowly comes to a halt. Problem is the cooling fan is missing and having looked everywhere there do not appear to be any replacement options. Any ideas to resolve this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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