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  1. rotoscytheben

    Wolseley ride on tractor

    I'm looking for one of the above if anyone knows of one or is selling one please let me know
  2. rotoscytheben


  3. rotoscytheben

    Rural Past Times Day's 1 and 2

    just returned from rpt and put the machines to bed a great show well done chris for your efforts great to see everyone again
  4. rotoscytheben

    Rural Past Times Aug 8/9

    See you all there chaps
  5. rotoscytheben

    Rural Past Times Aug 8/9

    yes please chris
  6. rotoscytheben

    Rural Past Times Aug 8/9

    I will be attending this year seeing as I missed it last time Is there still space for a few machines Chris ?
  7. rotoscytheben

    the new project handy landy

    What a machine Nigel nicely done as always it turned out really nicely
  8. rotoscytheben

    biddenden tractorfest 2015

    Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this year which annoyed me considerably to say the least I will be there in 2016
  9. rotoscytheben

    Shay line up

    nice machines phil i used to have quite a collection of shay stuff myself i had to downsize the collection some years ago and i got rid of most of it although i did keep the oldest one which was the county and i also have a countryman
  10. rotoscytheben

    a hand full of Shay's

    agreed its a cracking haul
  11. rotoscytheben

    a few recent finds

    yes but sadly with a broken crankshaft in the gearbox
  12. rotoscytheben

    a few recent finds

    hi all here are a few pics of machines ive collected recently the first machine is a ransomes 14" mower not sure of model and im in need of a grassbox for this second is the trusty nash boadicea and third is a jobber motorised garden fork minus the fork
  13. Hello everyone Just wondering if anyone could help with transport of 2 small vintage mowers from North Yorkshire to Kent
  14. rotoscytheben

    Project "Why Not"

    WOW ian this is amazing you have really nailed it with this one it is a real machine of quality i will be dropping by soon to see it and you of coarse
  15. rotoscytheben

    mountfield emblem electric rotary mower

    well after quite a while in bits this is finally back together although not in bare polished look as i had initially intended due to pitting of the alloy, i dont think it would have looked as good as i would have liked so ive gone for original mountfield red and a bit of black and white here and there here are a few pics once the handles have been done i will update with finished pics