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  1. TITCH

    Tractor Bike

    Now that I do like! Clever!!
  2. TITCH

    Titch' shed(s)

    It's also real handy for washing my truck in, when at 7.00am today the sun was hot!!
  3. TITCH

    Happy Birthday Titch

    Thank you all, catching some of you up and in front of a few!!
  4. TITCH

    Showman the bloodhound

    Some people make you sick!
  5. TITCH

    Green roller

    Isn't that from a Qualcast push mower? Don't show this to my grandkids, hell it will give them some ideas for fun... NO! I'm sure it will do some good if the ground's a bit damp!!
  6. TITCH

    Ransomes Sand Skimming Tractor

    Interesting bit of kit! Wasn't there some pictures or even a short film clip around a few years ago on the tinterweb showing some of these in action??? I found it fascinating!! I shall 'watch' this with interest for sure!
  7. TITCH

    gearbox id please

    That's it! Cheer me up...
  8. TITCH

    gearbox id please

    No Chris, I am a sort on an advisory sort of status, but will have to test it properly over a good long summer, no charges of course...but I do want another C125 again, a REAL tractor!!
  9. TITCH

    Poorly Hydro-box ride on(s)

    If you've got a machine or just the box shelved through frustration and worry of cost to repair, pm or email me!!
  10. TITCH

    gearbox id please

    I'll be dead honest, albeit Woz is a pal of mine, credit where it's due, he's made a 'bostin' (nee brilliant ) job of the hydro-box on the T1600, I would go as far as saying that if you get a (##@~#!) buggered box, especially broken shafts, I would get in touch with him, might want it to be a trade secret sort of thing, but I reckon he's sussed it! And, I did test it, couldn't kill it...needless to say that hydro-box issues might not be a problem anymore....and I'm not joking!! We've decided, well I have, that I need to keep the Westwood on trial for him ALL this summer!! Top Banana Woz!! Superb job done there!!
  11. TITCH

    gearbox id please

    I shall go up to see Woz and this repair, he's thorough and won't let this beat him, let's see if I can find a weak spot then eh??
  12. TITCH

    Where am I going to put this lot

    Couldn't you find one closer to me Chris, they all seem to be down your neck o' the woods!! .......
  13. TITCH

    Titch' shed(s)

    Yes Woz, A broken one.......
  14. TITCH

    Titch' shed(s)

    Hi Paul, you think they have a say on the matter? Well, they may say something...but I can go very deaf when I want to!!
  15. TITCH

    I'm a lumberjackin and I'm ok

    He cuts down trees, he wears high heels, suspendees & a bra....I do worry about you Chris.....