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  1. Excellent, I did 'search' the topic..but never seems to work for me, so thanks yes.. I did think about brakes..a bit more food for thought, THANKS! I may make something that bolts off the axle too, it's all about the front end weight of the snowblower..but yes, thanks again.. I like a plan! Titch Did you get the decals on your weights?? If not, just ask.. Titch
  2. OK, so we know they fetch good money if original, so what other method has been used to 'adapt'' something else??? Titch
  3. Did you get the critters Chris? I have that problem everytime we get wet ground.. they like my Nissen Hut amongst logs etc, however..they aren't so clever with Nightsights and PCP air gun.....
  4. Believe it's the DY41D, a non runner would do for starters... Thank You, Titch
  5. I know...... Clever Innit!
  6. Thanks to my good friend The Showman, have now sourced one from that In Line Filters in Cornwall. Isn't Chris just ace!!!
  7. Chris, YES!! thank you, but I don't like hassling you for information all the time..so great, thank you mate. Best ring them had I?? Titch
  8. Another request (sorry) Anyone know of a Robin Diesel to fit into my 512D, DY41D i believe is the model? Thank You, Titch
  9. This is on a C120 Auto, anyone know how/where I can cross reference to find out which spin on filter for the side of the box please? Thanks all, Titch
  10. Now that I do like! Clever!!
  11. It's also real handy for washing my truck in, when at 7.00am today the sun was hot!!
  12. Thank you all, catching some of you up and in front of a few!!
  13. Some people make you sick!
  14. TITCH

    Green roller

    Isn't that from a Qualcast push mower? Don't show this to my grandkids, hell it will give them some ideas for fun... NO! I'm sure it will do some good if the ground's a bit damp!!
  15. Interesting bit of kit! Wasn't there some pictures or even a short film clip around a few years ago on the tinterweb showing some of these in action??? I found it fascinating!! I shall 'watch' this with interest for sure!
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