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    I love wrenching and repairing just about anything!! I always have projects of all sorts going on. I enjoy helping people who can't afford vehicle repairs get their vehicles on the road again.

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  1. Restomod

    Lion Liftall Rough Terrain Forklift

    I Will try to get some pictures of the forklift tomorrow when I go and work on a truck there at the scrap yard. I will have to do some sort of photo thing cause I don't have any more space to upload. I am planning on becoming a supporter when cash is not so tight.
  2. I am hoping that someone here has some knowledge or information about a Lion Liftall Forklift. I am looking for a starter but I haven't been able to even get a part number! It is a wet clutch starter so it has seals inside to keep the hydraulic fluid from leaking out through the starter. The man I am working for had someone else who thought they had the right starter and they installed it then turned in the core. Well it leaks like crazy through the starter while it running and now I don't have the original starter to match or pull numbers from to get the proper starter. This is what I do know Delco-Remy makes many, many variations of the same starter and just ordering one that "looks" right could be disastrous. I haven't found this make of forklift in any parts catalog whatsoever so matching what we have is the only way for now to confirm that it is correct other than it being sealed. Any help is greatly appreciated! It has a 6 cylinder Ford Industrial engine I think it is a 172? ci
  3. Restomod

    Tiny Tiger model 300 Spark Plug

    Here is a little background on how I came to be in possession of my Tiny Tiger: So it's not actually mine it belongs to my friend Jesus. He works at a local scrap yard that I recently started doing equipment repair and maintenance at. He finds some very interesting things and some things we can't ever identify. He came up to me a few weeks ago with this Tiny Tiger Generator. Immediately I knew this was something extraordinary. First off I have never seen anything close to this before and the condition of it was amazing (considering it was sold for scrap price!). Well I let a week go by but I couldn't stand it any longer. I needed to hear that generator run! I asked Jesus if I could take the generator home and freshen it up a little and maybe even get it running. He agreed to let me take it. So I have completely disassembled it and found that it was used very little maybe even just once or twice!! The only major problem I found was the spark plug was left out of it and, from the looks of it, just recently had moisture enter the cylinder and it began to rust. I cleaned the cylinder with steel wool and penetrating oil and the rust came off quickly. After giving the entire engine a through cleaning I began reassembly. I used moly based grease to lubricate the moving parts and did an inspection of each part to make sure that it would perform as it should. And now I am here with my list of missing parts and happy as a clam because Webhead has saved my day and soon I will have this cool piece of nostalgia running!! Then I can return it to Jesus and he can put it in his house with the other cool odds and ends he has found in the scrap yard!!
  4. Restomod

    Tiny Tiger model 300 Spark Plug

    Thanks Wallfish and Factory! Webhead had everything I needed and I sent him payment today for these items. Thank you for your suggestions on the recoil starter also the info on the rope length. I do need to replace the rope cause I believe this either the original rope or a really close to that age. I have rewound the rope a few times already due to the aged rope.
  5. Restomod

    Tiny Tiger model 300 Spark Plug

    Another thing I forgot to ask about- Is there something that holds the rope to the reel on the pull starter? I used a piece of wire but it didn't hold.
  6. Restomod

    Tiny Tiger model 300 Spark Plug

    Wallfish I was able to get the starter repaired and it functions well. I contacted Webhead about a diaphragm and when I get the address I need to send the cash to I am going to buy one. But I was looking through the carb rebuild thread and I noticed that I'm missing the little rod that is installed with the string ran through it and the idle screw and spring. I can probably find something that work for the idle screw but the rod is another story. If you have one or know where to find one let me know .
  7. Can I get some spark plug part numbers that are compatible with my O&R engine? I found a plug that threads into the engine but it is too long and the piston will hit it. I will probably have to order the plug from an online store because I have searched all my local stores and I was only able to find the plug that's too long. Even the small engine repair shops couldn't find one. Tractor Supply was the only store that had something close. I'm sure that the part number will make things easier though. thanks
  8. Do you have a lot of experience with these Briggs and Stratton engines? Are the older engines just loud? I'm not talking about exhaust noise but engine noise. My wife was given a piece of property and the electricity hasn't been run from the main line so I have been using a 5500 watt generator to power our travel trailer. It's a Troy-Bilt with a 10hp Briggs and Stratton. Now this 10hp engine sounds like a purring kitten compared to the 8hp roaring lion!!! Exhaust noise is about the same for both of them. I ask because I have some worry about the internal condition of the 8hp. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  9. Thanks!! I really appreciate all your effort to help me out!! The reason I wanted the tube nozzle and the needle valve together is because when I was cleaning the carb and disassembling it the needle valve had a deep gouge in it from, what I think, it being over tightened. So I figured that if the needle was damaged the tube nozzle would have been damaged as well. How likely is it that the tube nozzle is damaged as well? To get the engine running to the point that I could test the generator I used light grit sandpaper to get the gouge down as much as possible then I polished out the scratches the sandpaper made with steel wool. The end condition was really good but the needle still doesn't seem to seat right. I tried to post pictures but I think each thread is only allowed so much space for uploads. If you have a suggestion for this please let me know and I'll post more pictures. Another question for you is how did you get the metal to shine so nicely when you did your generator? And how did you remove the paint from the engine cooling fins? I have been using a wire brush on my pneumatic angle die grinder to get the paint off but I didn't want to hit it too hard so I only went as far as removing the paint and a little surface rust.
  10. So I found out that my Tiny Tiger is an early model that has a different carb setup that doesn't require the needle valve assembly so I won't be needing this after all. Thanks
  11. Cool thanks for the info! I don't use eBay too much but if it's the only place where I can find these parts I will probably get them from there. Do you know where I can get the breather hose? While I was checking out the links you guys provided I looked for the hose but didn't see a listing for one. I would even be happy with a used one in decent shape. Here are some recent pictures of the Mcculloch. I started to remove the paint and I really like the way it looks without paint so I'm going to strip the engine entirely and see if I can find a clear coating that's heat resistant to protect it from rusting. The numbers aren't very easy to see in the pictures so here they are 190402 0722-01 73032110
  12. I picked up this Mcculloch Mite-E-Lite generator a few weeks ago and I have been able to get it running but not that well. The generator works great but I want to get the engine running better. I haven't had much luck with finding the parts I need and Briggs considers the engine an antique so they only have a few things available. The engine is an 8hp Briggs and Stratton built in 1973 according to the model number. I am looking for the long jet and needle that screws into the bottom of the bowl on the carb, the breather hose and the foam air filter element that originally came on this engine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, when it's running it sounds like it has some sort of knocking or maybe valve noise. I listened with a mechanic stethoscope but I don't hear anything that would point to a failing engine. If anyone has information or experience with this engine your input is welcome.
  13. Restomod

    Tiny Tiger for sale

    I just got a different version of the Tiny Tiger from the one you have and I've been working on it for a few days now. It doesn't belong to me but since I've had it I would really like to get one for myself. If your Tiny Tiger is still available when I get enough cash I will message you and purchase it from you. It may be 2-3 weeks though because I need to finish working on the Tiny Tiger I have to pay a friend back a favor and I also just got a Mcculloch Mite-E-Lite generator that I want to get going too. Thanks
  14. Restomod

    Tiny Tiger for sale

    Have you sold the Tiny Tiger yet?