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  1. If it is steel you could drag a magnet around and may get lucky. Or maybe a vacuum with a fresh bag. Look through the bag after.
  2. There is only one member beside me in MA. Do some research. I cannot disclose the name.
  3. I sold everything I had to a person in this O&R forum from Massachusetts. It had many carbs and parts. I think in all probability he has the diaphragms or has some one making them. The carbs are fool proof basically. The only part that wears is the diaphragm. Look up a guy I mentioned in MA and ask him if he still has a diaphragm or working carb. You can go online and look up maybe some diaphragm material if you search Google also. Run a Want Ad in the For Sale ads. Good luck Nice looking generator there. I have one but well used. Bob
  4. Here is my son enjoying running around the Cuttyhunk Island harbor with the small O&R outboard I had. It used to push my 3 kids and and 2 of us easily everywhere.
  5. I had to do that many years ago to my outboard motor. Good fix.
  6. I just got this today. It may be late. I lost power for 3 days here and just getting caught up on the internet. Some are not labeled correctly. Many desirable in here. https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-catalog/Model-Airplane-and-Engine-Auction_KXA6XG2UPG Collectable engines on Auction Zip Any of you near Greenville, OH may be interested in this auction. There's over 300 lots of pulse jet, ignition and glow engines plus vintage kits. Follow the link. https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-c...ion_KXA6XG2UPG From RC Groups - Vintage Old Timer Glow motors https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?1402733-Vintage-Glow-Engines/page1157
  7. Looks nice. I like the blue. I still have mine here. .May part with it. Bob
  8. To anyone interested in my huge lot of parts. The material is still available to anyone that would care to buy it. Make an offer and you can haul it all away. You can pack it up and ship it to where you want to.Otherwise it can lay there till I am gone and off to the dumpster.
  9. I found this picture of a Orline bicycle motor. The owner said it ran up to 20mph. I would love to have that when I was younger.
  10. I also have an OK Herkimer 60 ignition. I have a lot of motors from the early 50's into the 60's. Maybe 150 of them. I would thin them out except it is the same situation of selling and shipping which is a pain as you have seen me say here. I always liked the O&R utility motor. If there was an adaptive electronic ignition adapted to it I think it would have been an interesting motor for today's old timer style RC model aircraft. It would be lighter without the flywheel. It would be also quite a conversation piece. Bob
  11. I have a good O&R 60 and a not to good O&R 23. The 23 was a very good motor. They made a 23 redhead that was pretty powerful. Bob
  12. I know true collectors of old models of cars, boats, trains, and planes any even antique toys value articles more if it has the original packaging in good shape. Some people in the model plane and toys will just buy an empty box. O&R goes way back to WWII with their famous ignition aircraft motors. The cylinders on the compact is a blown up in size image of the old ignition motors. I still have a couple of those. They show up on eBay at times. Bob
  13. I believe all the small items would fit in a USPS box. Maybe the boxed items like new tanks and housing parts would take some space. Bob
  14. In my case I have so many things around that I need to move on to a place where someone would appreciate it. I just hate to see it dumped and lost forever. I just do not have a shipping motivation. Bob
  15. We have trucking companies around. I have heard other people talk about shipping by truck and heard extremely high prices. Years ago I shipped 3 big boxes of magazines that were 2 piles side by side per box. It was as high as my hand truck handle. It went by FedEx to New Jersey. It was $75 shipping about 20 years ago. It could be double that now for all I know. Problem is these would not be shipped in cardboard boxes. I think it would be wood boxes for these. Also I never weighed all these items either. Some would have to have there cutting blades removed like chainsaws and hedge trimmers. PITA for me with a lot of handling. Bob
  16. Clint Thanks for the interest. I hope you would work something out. I am open to offers. I just do not want to ship piecemeal as it is a nuisance and I just do not feel like being a salesman packaging and mailing stuff all over the place. Someone comes up with a fair offer I will be happy to let it go. Thank You Bob
  17. Hello David, That is some nice condition motor logo and instructions. It is nice to know that should anyone needs a copy to make a decal these will help quite a load to make new laser printed decals. My collection of parts here in the My Old Motor have not been of much interest. It is to bad as someday if no one offers to buy them and pick them up they all will most likely end up in the scrap yard. Thanks Bob
  18. Yes, I hope someone comes along with a decent offer for my parts. Just to much to ship out with the consideration of weight also. The decal on mine is like the post you just put up before this one. Just plan old Aquabug on an angle. It would not take much to have this one running again. I just have to many things hanging around here. My kids have no interest in any of it either.
  19. Now that is a great example. It looks like it never was used. The decals would be nice to copy into a computer for restoration. They could be laser printed on vinyl stick on stock to replace worn out logo and instructions. All my motors are still in my possession waiting for an interested person to pick them up some day.When I go they will all most likely get junked.
  20. That is the bushing inside the housing . I can see the bronze tint and shoulder.. I am not sure if that bevel gear is pinned or pressed on though. So that bearing has to be freed on my shaft or cut off and the housing checked as it may have spun and enlarged the seat. The bearing would need to be made oversize for a bearing fit.. Not a hard job for a good machinist. Thanks Bob
  21. I had to take it apart to find out why the motor would not turn over. I found the motor is fine with good compression. The shaft was froze in the propeller gearbox. It all came apart very easily. It had plenty of grease in there. I looked at the Oilite bronze bushing and where it meet the angle gear it appears to be a seam. The gear is what appears to be metal also. All I did was clean it up some and greased it. It is all free in the housing. But the bronze has evidently slipped in the housing. The bronze can be removed and a new bearing machined slightly oversize with some reaming the housing and make the bronze bushing a tap in bearing fit. It will be fine then. A new gasket also will need to be made. I used this motor for a few years to run ashore in harbors I sailed to. It always ran well. I also use my Tiny Power generator on my boat at times.
  22. Nice looking motors. The decals are pretty good shape and could be copied to make vinyl replacement decals. The manual is a nice plus also. I have my motor for sale but no price on it as I have not figured what it may be worth yet. I looked at the lower unit and it appears the oilite bronze shaft bushing may be frozen on the shaft. If it can be released and lubed it may be okay. It is a simple part for a good machinist to make a new one. It turns over fine otherwise. An exploded view would answer the question if it is a frozen bronze bearing It could be released if so. Thanks Bob
  23. I just looked after the above post and found the other trimmer with a yellow cover. It seems like it may have a broken connecting rod. I may have a rod in all the parts or a parts motor. The red trimmer, as I said, ran many years back when I shelved it. This is all the collection less the generator and model boat conversion which I will keep. They could be bought at a high price though. . Still for sale and pickup. Offers?
  24. I have found the outboard motor and 1 of 2 hedge trimmers. The motors were looked at and both have good compression. They most likely would run again. The out board was stuck. I looked at the lower unit and it appears a bronze bushing is frozen to the prop shaft. Maybe some heat would loosen it. It needs to be compare to a blown up sketch to see if it is a separate bearing. The angle gear may be pressed on and It should not be disturbed. The recoil spring is returning slowly. Needs grease and it will be fine.The top tank cover has stress cracks near the bolt holes also. It will run with some servicing and cleanup. I would not use it until the bearing can be looked at to see it working freely though. It has been almost 35+ years since I used it on my boat. The hedge trimmer was run also 30 years ago. I know the other hedge trimmer ran also and is someplace in my shop also. That is a yardstick ruler and it appears about 30 inches long.
  25. Okay... FedEx ground may be the best of the shippers. Or some trucking company depot maybe. It is esearch time I do not have. Thank you for your inquiry. Merry Christmas my friend.
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