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  1. Good April fools by the way!
  2. factory, thanks Thanks Factory, that would be awesome to have a owner's manual available.
  3. Actually, the diaphragm is bad. The fuel is coming out the vent hole on the dry side of the diaphragm. I've got parts coming from webhead. Yahoo! I'll miss the excitement of running a spark prone engine with raw fuel everywhere. Really keeps the senses up. LOL
  4. I'll keep that in mind. Thank you.
  5. Well, my new outboard for my canoe and kayak had a few surprises. It had an O&E motor not a Tanaka and I thought for $34 why not? It runs with a little tinkering, but fuel flies everywhere! LOL I found you all tonight so I thought I'd join the group and keep this ole girl running. Any advice welcome. It sure was exciting to hear it finally spring back to life, blue smoke everywhere...reminded me of my childhood. My dad's a tinker, I'm the son of a tinker. Soon to be tinker. d
  6. Just picked up an Aquabug outboard for my kayak/canoe--She looks good, runs and it turned out it has an O&R engine? $34 to buy, now to figure out to stop the fuel leaks everywhere. LOL. So here I am! 




    Aquabug O&R.jpg

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