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JCB Beaver Hydraulic Power Pack.

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Have now made a bit more progress with these 2 units. Got a bit of touching in to do, the axles(have found 2/3 of a new one in my spares) 

and feet to sort out and wire-in the switch on the beaver, but they are finally starting to look like power packs again.















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Had a bit of luck today, when we finally finished clearing out our old unit I came across this new old stock

cooler guard just as it was about to be thrown on the fire with a load of old rubbish. At the present there

is a later one fitted to this machine as I never thought I'd find a correct spec one, now ive seen what it looks like it

wouldn't be to hard to make a copy should I need any in the future.

As it was a bit marked I gave it a couple of coats of black paint.




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Bar a few checks this Beaver and the Compact are now ready for a trail run and flow test. Today I wired up

the stop switch,(new one obviously on the left) fitted the guard that I found for the oil cooler, (can see why

so many got smashed off!).  Fingers crossed that the pumps are ok as otherwise these projects start to get

very expensive. Ive had no way of checking them until Ive got this far.








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Today I gave them both a run up, luckily both pumps are fine. Only 3 more packs to finish now. I did want to

do a video but it starting peeing down, hopefully tomorrow.

The beaver is giving 17litres a minute and the compact is giving 17.5. Even when brand new you are lucky

to get around 18 so I am very pleased with the result.Anything over 15 will run a breaker fine.

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Great thread, I stumbled across it and the forum googling restoring a breaker power pack, I bought one for next to nothing as the engine wasn't running, new plug and fresh fuel and fired easily, I've got blanks on the pressure and return points but when I switch lever over to pressurise the engine stalls, I've a gauge attached to the blank to try and see what pressure it runs at but as pressure creeps up so the engine dies, I looped the system with the pressure gauge attached and it doesn't stall but gauge reads 0, any ideas S1g or anyone else? 




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What revs are the engine doing, most hydraulic packs are designed to run at just over 3000rpm. Try letting the engine warm up for a full 3 minutes before moving the load lever across. Looking at the photo it looks like a 5 Hp Honda? These work very hard to run hydraulics. Also if it still stalls I'd whip the head off a grind in the exhaust valve. 

Its a pity your not closer to me as I could put my flow gauges in the line and see exactly what is happening.

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