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  1. S1g


    I'm sorry to hear that, I only met him once at Tractor world a few years ago. A very nice chap.
  2. To be honest the traffic to get in is what stopped me going to this show. Even at 8am the bypass gets gridlocked solid. Once in i agree with you,its an amazing show, takes hours just to see it all, but I can't stand the que to enter the site.
  3. Fang

    Hi.  I'm looking for some more information on JCB Beaver power packs.

  4. Thanks Norm, only really parting with them due to having had them sat in the shed since the last Tractor world show I did in 2017. Seems a shame for them to just sit there. With my legs the way they are and other commitments, I can't see myself ever doing anything with them again. Thought I'd offer them first on here before letting the vultures on eBay having a go. I'm not really sure how to price them, would only be looking for a fair price and hopefully somebody who would give them a proper home. Have never had any luck with the for sale section on here,even when offering machines for free.
  5. Also going to have to re-home this gem. A sad day but I'm going to have to hang up my orange boots.
  6. Due to a change in personal circumstances I am ideally looking for a new home for this gem. Any interest?
  7. Somewhere I do haveba spare one, however since I moved last year I've struggled to find anything. When it turns up you'd be welcome to it for the cost of postage, however it may take years for me to locate it. Sorry.
  8. The cover just slides over the engine and gearbox, look at my YouTube channel garethkeri and you see a video there of it fitted. I'll get some measurements next time I'm at the storage unit but that maybe sometime before I can get there. Here's a link
  9. Hi, thanks for the info. I haven't done much yet to this project as my athrtitus has been giving me grief and last year I bought a house in desperate need of doing up, so my missus has been getting me to work on that instead on my better days.Hopefully with the warmer weather I'll feel better and continue with the project soon.
  10. I've got the petrol version of your mixer, there would of originally been a canopy that sits over the engine/ motor and drive belt. I've tried contacting belle, but the original owner sold up years ago and the new owners ( altrad?) Didn't even reply to my emails. I've managed to obtain an original sales brochure and going from this I concluded that it is mid 1960's. My father became a belle dealer around 1975/6 and he never saw these mark 1 mixers. Hope this narrows it down a bit. It's a pity that the Briggs engine on mine had been replaced in the late 1970's otherwise I would if been able to date it from that.
  11. Thank you for the birthday wishes.
  12. S1g

    Another Mountfield 25

    Nostalgia is one of the main reasons I've bought this, was the ride on that I ever drove. My friend's dad had one and when we were about 7 or 8 we watched Herbie. After seeing the wheelies in the film we thought it would be fun to try and recreate it on the mower. We "borrowed" the keys and with a bit of a slope and top gear we did manage to get the front wheels to come up for a few seconds.
  13. S1g

    Another Mountfield 25

    Thanks for the input, got to admit as I'm struggling to get a good match to the metallic yellow gold you mention, and I'm more used to seeing them in red I'm leaning more towards repainting it red.
  14. S1g

    Another Mountfield 25

    You almost don't realise how attached you get to them till they've gone. I'm also sorry to hear about your Collie.
  15. S1g

    Another Mountfield 25

    Can't get the computer to talk to the camera, -Norm. Not having the best of weeks, with anything,Bethany my little helper ( Hinderer) with my projects passed away on Wednesday, feeling a little bit lost without her. She was nearly 13 though which is a good run for a Labrador. I'm sure I'll get the photos up soon.
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