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  1. S1g


    Happy new year to all members. Let's hope this year is as good for everyone as 2018 was.
  2. S1g

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to one and all.
  3. S1g

    Happy Birthday S1G

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a great day, particularly as a couple of days before I found out that keri has managed to get a teaching assistant job. I haven't been that involved with the hobby for the last year as I've been saving very hard for a house deposit. Her new job means that we will hit this amount a lot sooner now, so hopefully I can start a new project a bit quicker.
  4. When I've sold my cars in the past I've never really had much of an issue. With this one I did everything right. Had a new mot put on it, had the local polish firm valet it inside and out, - a very good job they did as well. I sold it with no warranty sold as seen and tested. Don't forget there was absolutely nothing wrong with it when sold yet to be honest I feel this guy had persecuted me for the last 8 months. I couldn't of part exed it as I was reducing the number of vechiles that I had. I guess alarm bells should of started ringing when viewing he was moaning about crease marks on the roof where the soft top had been folded( as I said it was 13 years old!) and some slight corrosion to the alloy wheels.
  5. Oh yes, sold as seen and tested, signed by both of us!
  6. Just got back from court today after having my life made a misery for nearly 8 months. Last June I sold the Volvo that I use in my avatar. It had been totally reliable for the whole two years that I'd Owened it. Never once breaking down. I sold it as seen and tested as I'm a private seller. The guy who bought it basically blew it up(the car was 13 years old with 100k on the clock) and then demanded his money back to which I declined. He then issued legal proceedings against me and after several months of arguing the judge said its a private sale nothing can be done. At this point he claims I'm a trader so I then had to go and try and prove I'm not. I asked my brother who's a lawyer what I can do to protect myself from this happening again if I ever sell a car again. He says there's nothing you can do. Suddenly those we buy any car. Com things seem attractive!
  7. S1g

    Villiers Diesel engine. D415

    Yes they did 2, a d270 4 hp and a d415 7hp. They wernt very successful and were quietly dropped after only a few hundred units. It's believed that there's only around 30 odd survivors left. I used to have around 10 counting a couple jap badged ones. Very noisy when running.
  8. S1g

    Villiers Diesel engine. D415

    Normally I'd break your hand off but have already got a couple of them for both the villiers and jap versions plus sales sheets and brochures. Better let someone who hasnt already got a copy have it.
  9. Hi, I've decided to offer for sale my villiers diesel d415 engine. I fully restored it a few years ago and showed it a few times but it has sat for at least the last 5 years. Will happily get it going again before sale. A very rare engine. Most of the survivors seem to be the smaller d270, even they are very rare.If I can find it there is also a genuine bolt on reduction gearbox. I'm in Hereford but can palletise. £350.
  10. S1g

    Stihl Cutquik TS 08

    I'd say go for it, before they become extinct. All the bits are still available and cheap if you go for non genuine or purchase an old chainsaw.
  11. S1g

    Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Just work methodically, with G206 I started with the gearbox as I knew it was almost terminal, (over £300 spent just on the berrings) then slowly did the rest of it. Took about 6 months of before and after work about 3 days a week. I never did find out why the engine was seized. Took it totally apart and couldn't see any issues, then after reassembly it started fine, - must of been some dirt or something in one of the berrings?
  12. S1g

    Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Here's some photos from when I timed up g206 the only difference is that it's a bth mag.
  13. S1g

    Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Here's a couple of shots I've found
  14. It did look awesome in the flesh, particularly with all the different attachments. Good luck with building the trailer. First place very well deserved.
  15. S1g

    Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Hi pat, I've put all the info in a pm.