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  1. S1g

    Another Mountfield 25

    Nostalgia is one of the main reasons I've bought this, was the ride on that I ever drove. My friend's dad had one and when we were about 7 or 8 we watched Herbie. After seeing the wheelies in the film we thought it would be fun to try and recreate it on the mower. We "borrowed" the keys and with a bit of a slope and top gear we did manage to get the front wheels to come up for a few seconds.
  2. S1g

    Another Mountfield 25

    Thanks for the input, got to admit as I'm struggling to get a good match to the metallic yellow gold you mention, and I'm more used to seeing them in red I'm leaning more towards repainting it red.
  3. S1g

    Another Mountfield 25

    You almost don't realise how attached you get to them till they've gone. I'm also sorry to hear about your Collie.
  4. S1g

    Another Mountfield 25

    Can't get the computer to talk to the camera, -Norm. Not having the best of weeks, with anything,Bethany my little helper ( Hinderer) with my projects passed away on Wednesday, feeling a little bit lost without her. She was nearly 13 though which is a good run for a Labrador. I'm sure I'll get the photos up soon.
  5. S1g

    Another Mountfield 25

    Just managed to pick up a nice mountfield 25 on eBay, a 1972 machine, after welding up a deck on one the other day. It's in good nick at the moment, but is yellow instead of the normal red, does anyone know why this might be? It almost looks to good a job to be a repaint but who knows.
  6. S1g

    Mountfield 25 red.

    Unfortunately I've just had the deck dumped on me, no machine to match up, decks been hamerited many times looking at it, no original paint left. Don't have to get a match, guess it's just pride in my work, lol. I may have to resort to a tin of ih red?
  7. S1g

    Mountfield 25 red.

    Can anyone help with a near shade of red to the original mountfield 25 ride on red please? I've been roped into welding up a deck and need to gets close colour match.
  8. When I first started out in plant they used to be everywhere,however now all this early stuff is nearly extinct over here. It's a combination I think of the harsh environment that it's run in and the good old health and safety tightening up on regulations meaning what was left got exported to 3rd world countries.
  9. The one nearest the engine is the throttle and if this is broken I would definitely go down the new carb route for what they cost. With the recoil. Is it that the rope has snapped if so then the easy way is to remove the remains of the rope and make a new length up,then retention the spring by winding the plastic back up and line the hole in it back up with the hole through the starter and push the rope through. If it's not the rope snapping that's caused then it is likely to be the spring broken,and or damaged lug. I have had a lot of trouble with the recoils on copy engines, the best solution is to obtain a genuine Honda recoil off a scrap engine,you may have to space it with one or two M6 washers but the bolt holes should line up. Either a gx340(11hp) or a gx390(13hp should fit). As a stop gap most of these engines have a notch in the centre cup to allow you to wrap a rope around and start them like an old Villiers etc. Just don't do it on site if the health and safety guy is about.
  10. Sorry don't know why this link has reappeared?
  11. Hi thanks for your concern, arthritis is just one of those things that I've learnt to live with, there's ways around it most of the time, Ive just bought an auto Jag for use in town traffic but that's another story... Looking at your photos, it maybe just because I can only use my phone to view them but I can't actually see if anything is broken. On the throttle plastic there should be a lug that when rotates stops again the throttle screw. If it is broken you can pull the butterfly plate out the carb by unscrewing the plate,then the shaft just pulls up. To be honest though if it is broken I would just buy a copy carb. They seem to work well and at 8quid odd it's a cheap fix. Just looked again, just to avoid confusion, are you talking about the one nearest the engine or nearest the air filter. If it's the latter then it's the choke lever that's missing, unless you've removed it for the photo.
  12. I don't know if this project shows you what you need.
  13. From your photos I'm struggling to see what is damaged, to pop the carb off you should just undo the 2 M6 nuts on the air filter housing and one M6 bolt under the airfilter itself. Slide the choke and fuel lever away from the engine and disconnect the breather pipe. You will now be able to remove the housing. You will see a spacer plate, take note of which way round this is fitted. Pull the carb forward and rotate the throttle on it and the connecting linkage should pop out. Some have springs that also need disconnecting. The fuel pipe should be easy to lever upwards and I always plug it with the airfilter bolt. The carbs are available from China, the last one I bought was about £8.50 delivered. The gx340 carb will also fit and work if you can't find a GX 390 one. Gx240 are also the same physical size but can starve the bigger engines of fuel as the bore and jets are smaller. The black screw is a throttle stop, under the black square is an idle screw. sorry that I threw everything out but I've offered them to others before for free and no takers. I was giving up a unit so an awful lot of kit had to go. Just looked on eBay, complete carb and gaskets are 8.58.if you're any where near Hereford I'd be happy to take a look, I used to overhaul about 5 GX Honda's a day, 6 days a week for about 10 years so have seen most problems.
  14. If you need any help with honda etc GX engines give me a pm, to say I've worked on a few is an understatement. On a gx390 you have a plastic spacer with a gasket either side that the high tension lead slots into. Then there's the carb, then anither spacer plate before the airfilter . As already stated a Chinese carb is so cheap they are not worth repairing. A pity this didn't happen in early December as I sent around 2 Tonne of engines to scrap and you could of had what you wanted.
  15. S1g

    Raleigh Chopper Mk 1

    Thank you Richard for the link, Somerset isn't to far from me. I'll give them a call when I get a minute.