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 i have a ransom 24 lawnmower, which will not fire, it has no spark, I was wondering if anybody could tell me where the points are on this villers engine, this is all the info i have  at the moment,

 any help would be greatly appreciated. , thanks

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Your machine probably has a Villiers F15 engine. The last of the line had Wipac electronic ignition but most will be found with points and condensers. To get to the points you will need to remove the fuel tank, the engine cowling and then the flywheel but if you only need to clean and adjust them it can be done through the little removable "port hole" in the flywheel.

If you wish to avoid the problem in the future you can update the system to electronic by removing/ disconnecting the points and condenser and fitting a Meco or Nova electronic ignition module using the original coil. Cost, around £20.

You can also update using a Wipac unit but that is considerably more expensive as it involves a change of flywheel.


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