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  1. thanks for info , checked out wiring diagram, bot problem still persists, can get engine going , driving , but when trying to lower cutting head motor stops, could it be that the blades have siezed
  2. howdy lads need help to get a wiring diagram and service manual for a mtd rn145 smart ,can any one help please,or maybe machine is to young thanks
  3. hello folks i have a problem with an efco ef92 /13.5 m , i was wondering what is the length of the transmisson belt on this machine, my problem is that when i press clutch pedal it is very hard to change gear, the gearbox seems to keep running even whe pedal is depressed can any one help with this problem thanks for now
  4. howdy lads , aint been in contact for a while, , I have come cross a problem in wiring . I either need a wiring diagram or a wiring loom for tractor, also an air intake cover if any one can el please let me know the price and postage to bt78 4hu my tractor is WHEELHORSE C141 8 speedwith a 14 horse engine
  5. just to up date on belt situation the belt mentioned in above post is also too long,when converted to imp. it works out about 80 3/4" LONG. but this belt is still long , when clutch is released fully it will not put pressure on belt to drive machine, so will be going for a shorter belt again
  6. thank you for all your information, to day i got a belt., no. on belt B 17 x 2050 li , will this belt fit my machine, thanks
  7. thank you for your reply , as far as i know the tractor is original , this is the first time i have had anything to do with the tractor ,in the few years that i have had it, the old belt just broke in bits whilst mowing the side of the road at home,. by the way what way do you measure a belt, I will try and post a few pictures when my son takes them an downloads them to my computer thanks for now
  8. thank you for your quick reply, i will try to get one which is about an inch shorter tomorrow, by the way a very nice tractor,
  9. sorry about that , its a c141 8 speed manual, with a 14 hp engine
  10. hello there , can any one please tell me the correct lenght of a transmission drive belt for my c141, I got one about 82"long and it is just too big, also can anyone let me hahe a picture of how to correctly route this belt thanks for now
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    belt drive

    hello folks, this might be abit off a faff, but can anyone please tell me, or show how to fit a belt to the cutting deck of a 1990 efco ef92c rear discharge thanks
  13. sorry about the photo. Ithink it is for moving paving slabs about , but i am probably wrong
  14. hello everybody., i was wondering if any body can help me, I am in the process of restoring at the above mentioned lawn mower, is there a handy way of cleaning the engine , it is made from alumimium , all dust and corrosion., and powdery aluminium. im sorry i cant post any pics, but wiil get some when son comes home, post in the next post aslo does anybody know the correct green for the main body thanks Allen
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