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Supporting My Old Machine

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Membership on My Old Machine is free, and there is no obligation to support the forum financially.  
My Old Machine operates on a paid host with commercially obtained software which entails periodic renewals and charges.  Because MoM is in it's infancy it is supported by a larger community WheelHorseForum.com. This arraignment is necessary because the cost of operating a professional highly available forum is not free.


While our forum grows, it will begin to utilize more resources than RedSquare can or should allow and eventually My Old Machine will need to become independent.  To assist in this independence, we have created a supporter program which is designed to fund the operations of My Old Machine.


Becoming a supporter is NOT mandatory to be a member, and as a free member you will enjoy all of the primary benefits of the forum.  Supporting members enjoy these benefits plus:


Unlimited attachment sizes (Non-Supporters are limited to 16Mb)

1 Album with 40 pictures in our Gallery

500 Personal Messages (50 for non-supporing members)

Access to the supporter only forum.

and a special supporter badge.


Again, supporting the forum is optional, but we do value your support and look to be an independent site.


Becoming a supporter is easy, simply visit our store and purchase your one year supporter membership.

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