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Stihl Cutquik TS 08

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After looking for one of these early disc cutters for ages Ive finally purchased this

one the other night off ebay. These were basically the early version of stihls infamous

Ts 350, a machine that I used to do a lot with about 15 years, but even then these

Ts 08's were just old junk. Today it arrived and after unpacking it I was able to see what

I had bought. I believe it dates from around the mid to late 1960's.




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The first thing with any project is to see what state its actually in. I learnt a long time ago

with disc cutters because of all the stone dust the engines tend to be knackered. This one

has proved to be no exception. The cylinder and piston are chewed up, the main berrings

have gone, the clutch berring has also failed. Suprisingly enough though the crank feels

ok. This would entail quite considerable expense, however as luck would have Stihl used

the same engine unit in their 08s chainsaw and normally these tend to be good mechanically

due to the saw dust being harmless to the engine. In my store ive got a broken one of these

so hopefully I can have most of the bits off this doner.








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That's a bit of a mess. :(

Agreed, it does look rather bad. However this is pretty much par for the course with disc cutters due to the environment they are used in.

Parts for the rebuild are allready on order, the only thing I haven't been able to source yet is the air filter cover, if no luck then as a tempory messure I will fit the one off the chainsaw.

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Fortunatley gasket sets, berrings and seals etc are still available and quite cheap so I ordered them

off ebay. I managed to get a close match to the paint from Halfords,and have now started the laborious

task of removing the paint. Photos of this will have to wait as im struggling to get my I phone to talk to the




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Made a bit of progress on this project today. Got the main parts primed and painted.

After doing this I thought i'd better check out the chainsaw to see if it was savable.

Fourtunatley it is good everywhere the disc cutter is bad so it will be full steam ahead

with the rebuild.







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Now that the paint has had a couple of days to harden I have started to

assemble this machine. Just waiting now for a few more parts to arrive

then I should be able to have it running.










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Must admit, you do a grand job. :thumbs:

Thanks for the compliment but there's nothing special about what I do. I just work methodically from one end to the

other. The paint on this was all done with rattle cans, and the mechanical work was all done from memory.

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One thing my machine was missing was the belt pulley guard.

After a rummage through my store I tuned up this battered one.

After a bit of panel beating and a coat of paint it was ok to refit.


My diaphragm kit finally turned up tonight so I will fit it after the






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The new badge has eventually turned up from the states, unfourtunatley I got

hit for import duties etc which pushed the price up quite a bit.

The second photo shows a sneak preview of my other project a 1960 Wacker

Trench Rammer.



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Never heard of a trench rammer. Sounds interesting.

I'll take some more pictures when I get a bit further with it. They are basically used for compacting down back filled trenches etc. They can often be called by some politically incorrect names aswell ...

This one was made in an era when health and safety was very lax so will tend to shake you to pieces when being used.

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Finaly managed to get this saw finished today. Had to resort to a later spec air filter cover

as I cant find an original type one anywhere at the moment. Started 3rd pull and after a

bit of minor adjustment runs quite well.



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On 5 December 2017 at 8:57 PM, jimmyfloyd said:

I know this is an old topic, but I just got one of these and the disassembled pictures are very helpful. Still trying to decide if I am going to rebuild it or not. 

I'd say go for it, before they become extinct.

All the bits are still available and cheap if you go for non genuine or purchase an old chainsaw.

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