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I'm thinking of doing a light restoration to a couple of bits of equipment.


I know sand strip prime/acid etch then spray is the best way to go, however a house renovation(stopping it from falling over) and a young family preclude spending so much time on it.


Is there a paint which I can do a light rub down, degrease then spray or hand paint with out bare metal or primer.


Is hammerite smooth the devils own paint or would it be OK.  Its no where as good as it used to be before they got rid of the xylene.


Just to note this is not on very old or valuable (historically or cost) things. 





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I had been looking at that and have used it before, but it has to go over primer.  I'm guessing as I'm talking about bodging it, using it is as good bodge as anything.


I think I will leave it as is and wait until I have time to do it properly.


thanks for the help


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