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Problems with my new Tiny Tiger

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I am new to this forum and I am looking for some help with my new (to me) Tiny Tiger.  I have it running (thanks webhead for the new diaphragm) but now have discovered that my gas tank leaks.  It appears to me that the panel of the gas tank that has the operating instructions on it was manufactured as a separate piece and put in place and sealed on the tank.  Gas leaks around what I believe to be the seam of that panel.

I was thinking I could remove the panel, reseal and reinstall.  After closer examination, I think that is much easier said than done.  I want to keep it as clean and original as possible so I am looking for wisdom from this forum on how to proceed.  I have included pictures.  Hope they show up.  Thanks in advance for any help you folks can offer.



Tiny Tiger Carrying Case.jpg

Tiny Tiger Converter Box.jpg

Tiny Tiger Converter.jpg

Tiny Tiger in Carrying Case.jpg

Tiny Tiger Manual.jpg

Tiny Tiger Tank.jpg

Tiny Tiger.jpg

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Want one , infact simply need one .That is a thing of beauty And has just gone straight to the top of my " have to have " wish list .


Get a good named tank sealant kit , the simplest way unless there are through bolts on the alternator side of the tank simply pulling the plate onto a rubber seal ( bit hopeful ) .

Other than that cover the sticker with a clear vinyl and fill the empty tank with boiling water to see if the sticker comes free .

Assuming the tank is a 2 section affair and the plate where the sticker goes is stuck onto the aluminium casting , with the tank full to the brim with water try gently heating around the edge of the plate to burn off any epoxy / glue that would have been used to fix it there .A chefs blowlamp or micro torch is enough to burn epoxy glues .

If it is just epoxy then the plate and tank would have to be cleaned with a stainless steel wire brush and rinsed using carb cleaner several times to give a good grease free surface for you to apply new epoxy to .

Place the plate in position and put some weights on it over night to let it set .Leave it a 2 or 3 days or so before filling the tank with fuel to allow the epoxy to cure  .

Cut the vinyl applied over the sticker to shape and re-glue the sticker back on .

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That side of the tank does come off but like you said, easier said than done. You need to heat it to burn the epoxy but that may ruin your decal.

@usedtoolman has reproduced that decal so you can send him a message before you start to make sure he can provide you a new decal.

Or like mad man stated, use a good tank sealer kit. Just make sure you remove the fuel pickup inside before sealing.

I have never separated those pieces before but maybe usedtoolman can also give you some more advice too.

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