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  1. Hello, I hope I am posting this in the right spot. I have a Bolens G10 that needs to go. I know very little about these machines but I am guessing it might have some value to someone. I am willing to part with it for a fair offer. I live in Northeast Iowa. I travel for work and may not be super quick to respond to questions but I will do my best. I had it running many years ago (10?) but it has not been started since it was parked that time ago. Been stored under cover since parked. I would appreciate any advice anyone could give me on the value of this machine. Or, if you have an offer, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. It is still available. I sent you a message.
  3. Thanks for the information, David!
  4. Hello, I have a nice Tiny Tiger for sale. Comes with carrying case, operating instructions and converter. Had a new diaphragm put in, cleaned the carb and it was running good a year ago. Too much stuff in my possession and looking to get rid of a few things. Would like to see it go to a good home and be appreciated. Gas tank does weep ever so slightly. I am no expert on these but I think it is in really nice overall shape. I will not give it away, but will accept what I believe to be a fair offer. Perhaps someone on this forum could give me the going value of these little gems. I live in northeast Iowa and I will be traveling to St.Louis next week if that helps anyone for delivery. I also travel for work regularly throughout Iowa and Minneapolis. Thanks for your interest.
  5. Thanks very much for the replies and advice. I will reach out to usedtoolman to see if indeed he has a decal. If others have ideas for me, please let me know.
  6. Greetings, I am new to this forum and I am looking for some help with my new (to me) Tiny Tiger. I have it running (thanks webhead for the new diaphragm) but now have discovered that my gas tank leaks. It appears to me that the panel of the gas tank that has the operating instructions on it was manufactured as a separate piece and put in place and sealed on the tank. Gas leaks around what I believe to be the seam of that panel. I was thinking I could remove the panel, reseal and reinstall. After closer examination, I think that is much easier said than done. I want to keep it as clean and original as possible so I am looking for wisdom from this forum on how to proceed. I have included pictures. Hope they show up. Thanks in advance for any help you folks can offer.
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