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Mister Mad Mower

Medding's Pacera Pillar Drill

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Just pickied up the new ? pillar drill .

A Meddings Pacera with a couple of differences to what i have seen on youtube .

1 / Chuck +33mm threaded end to the quill ?

2 / Tin cowling instead of the common cast one ?

3 / Pillar mounted excentric pulley set between motor pulley and quill drive pulley , acting as the tensioner ?

But it came with a Brooks Gryphon motor and the chuck key , and was surprisingly light when split into 2 pieces ( Base and pillar with top removed ) .

But the weirdest thing is that the Buma Boring bar i got a few weeks ago is machine number 34 .

The Meddings Pacera i collected today is machine number 34 also .

Anyone have any ideas on the 33mm threaded end on the quill , as i wondered if it was for a boring head by any chance .

( Loads of history judging by the plaques fitted to it ) .

Though there is only a trace of the speed table left on the side .







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