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Lion Liftall Rough Terrain Forklift

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I am hoping that someone here has some knowledge or information about a Lion Liftall Forklift. I am looking for a starter but I haven't been able to even get a part number! It is a wet clutch starter so it has seals inside to keep the hydraulic fluid from leaking out through the starter. The man I am working for had someone else who thought they had the right starter and they installed it then turned in the core. Well it leaks like crazy through the starter while it running and now I don't have the original starter to match or pull numbers from to get the proper starter. This is what I do know Delco-Remy makes many, many variations of the same starter and just ordering one that "looks" right could be disastrous. I haven't found this make of forklift in any parts catalog whatsoever so matching what we have is the only way for now to confirm that it is correct other than it being sealed. Any help is greatly appreciated!


It has a 6 cylinder Ford Industrial engine I think it is a 172? ci

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I Will try to get some pictures of the forklift tomorrow when I go and work on a truck there at the scrap yard. I will have to do some sort of photo thing cause I don't have any more space to upload. I am planning on becoming a supporter when cash is not so tight. 

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