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Tiny Tiger for Sale

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I have a nice Tiny Tiger for sale.  Comes with carrying case, operating instructions and converter.  Had  a new diaphragm put in, cleaned the carb and it was running good a year ago.  Too much stuff in my possession and looking to get rid of a few things.  Would like to see it go to a good home and be appreciated.  Gas tank does weep ever so slightly.  I am no expert on these but I think it is in really nice overall shape.  I will not give it away, but will accept what I believe to be a fair offer.  Perhaps someone on this forum could give me the going value of these little gems.  I live in northeast Iowa and I will be traveling to St.Louis next week if that helps anyone for delivery.  I also travel for work regularly throughout Iowa and Minneapolis.  Thanks for your interest.








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Looks very nice, looking through my saved pictures from ebay of the Tiny Tiger Model 5001-1 which I think this is (but it's hard to tell from the pictures), ones in this condition go for around $200-$250 or sometimes a lot more depending on the interest at the time, also advertising internationally on ebay can increase the price. Note the larger gas tank versions like this one are less common than the standard ones.


Here is a thread from earlier this year showing how the tank can be resealed;



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