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What Is Missing On A 98 year old Carb ?.

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.........If anything.........That was the issue I was asked to sort out recently. A heavy bronze carb fitted to a small water cooled 1/2hp engine from 1923 and had been adapted to fit onto an early 1930s Lawnmower!!.-




I actually found a Manual and parts list for the engine, but of course not one single available spare part. Failed to find anyone else online familiar with, or who had a similar ''N' type engine made by Stuart Turner.

Several bits missing according to the parts list diagram and one item had fortunately been acquired from ebay...the all important Float Bowl (screw on) Lid.

So I had to make and find the bits etc, so as it had not run for god knows how long, it was dismantled-




Certainly overdue for a clean and repair. The small clip under the spring (bottom middle of above pic) should be fixed by solder to the float. It holds the needle at correct height.........duly fixed.

Established that the large hollow brass nut (top left above) which acts as a sediment bowl should have a screened filter and a spring within. items (on left of next image) 4044/4045-




The bits had to fit within these parts-




So after a search for materials, a bit of lathe time and some soldering, I had the 'makins' of the necessaries-




The 'Stove Pipe' top hat filter body was silver soldered together, so that I could soft solder the mesh to the bottom and sides. But not before it was subjected to some careful milling to put some 1/4"wide slots into the side wall.

Appears to be some distortion in the image below which makes the filter body look crooked, but assure it is not.




I was lucky to find in my stock, a suitable spring to apply pressure to the filter and keep it all in contact with it's seat. That filter/sediment body nut is 1 inch A/F.

So all done and ready to bolt on. Now super clean inside and favoured the patina to polish on a motor of this age-




Oh and yes, I have the task of getting this thing running/working, along with another pile of broken rusty bits......I may be some time!.




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This is certainly an interesting project - a water cooled engine of that age combined with a mower.  There's a lot going on in that carb diagram - well done on sussing out and manufacturing/fixing those parts! Looking forward to more updates and pictures as things progress :)

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