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Anglo Traction

Eclipse Sprayer

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Had an opportunity to obtain this Sprayer in exchange for a contribution to a Charity.

It was in a sad state after being exposed to sun light and temperature extremes for many years.

The all important nozzle was missing, a large dent in the base and the wooden handles were very dry and cracked with shrinkage.

Solid Brass and riveted/soldered joints, the item weighs 2.060 kgs dry.

Fortunately, the Museum Curator had another near complete example, so I was able to borrow the nozzle parts for reproduction.

Found the thread form was 1/8" BSP parallel, but several thousanths of an inch under size!.

The main nozzle part wasn't difficult to produce, but had to make a reamer to form the minute taper of the outlet and produced the atomiser/restricter which was complicated-




The Air Pump leather washer was tired and still fairly good, but made a new one from slightly thicker raw leather -




Thie plunger is obviously tighter, but needs to relax and bed in and is easing with use. Being a pressure vessel, the control tap and pressure relief valve are all clean a working well-

The hardwood plunger handle was so dry, it soaked up 20ml of raw linseed oil on the first feed. Another 5ml satified it's thirst and the cracks slowly closed up over a week.

All back together and waiting for an acid, then soap, then soda washout, the latter to neutralise the ph level to 7.-



Ignore the extra 'Thumb Nut' on the back of the horizontal handle, it is one I made for the museum example that was missing it. Bit of ageing and it will merge in well.

My example may well be a 'Suds Pump' cutting oil feed for my Myford to save on electricity. So, a very nice piece of early 1950s quality re purposed.


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