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Zündapp 600 generating set

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Greetings from Denmark,


I think we need more german stuff here :).


I have this portable (well - 305 kilos, no wheels) generator as used by the german forces in WW2. They were built from 1940 well into the 1950's. This particular one is from 1944, which can be seen from many details made from steel, which, on the earlier versions were made from aluminium.

The generator set delivers 7,5kW on three phases. The engine is a 600cc Zündapp boxer, which makes it very smooth even at full load. This one is fully functional, but most have defective generators these days.



2015-10-12 21.35.38.jpg

2015-10-12 21.35.56.jpg

2015-10-12 21.36.06.jpg




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