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  1. I won this on ebay a few weeks ago. To be honest I took pity on it and decided that I would bid the starting price (£22) if no one else wanted it... Since I took the photos I've pressure washed it so it looks a bit better, albeit with a little less paint... the engine is a Villiers C12 so I'm guessing it dates from the 70's. I'm not sure if there is a connection between the Leicester 'Warsop' company that manufactured petrol drills and breakers and Warsop pumps?
  2. After looking at what else 'Mastabar' produced I wonder if the guillotine was for cutting conveyor belting?
  3. A bit of background... about 5 years ago my Uncle passed away and left me the contents of his garage. Now bear in mind that he had lived in the same house for about 60 years and in my Dad's words 'Never tripped over owt'. Due to time and space constraints I had to be selective about what I saved. To give you some idea, I did about 4 runs to the tip with my Cortina estate loaded to the gunwales and when my mate collected the scrap to weigh in the back end of his truck was on the bumpstops. I ebayed some things and saved some bits for myself, including these 2... Rotary Hoes 5 ton jack, now a garden ornament. 'Mastabar'(?) guillotine, I assume this would be for cutting soft metal sheet?
  4. A few pics from our local event, the weather was kind to us. My little display... The blue machine is a lawn edger, I was told the other one is for mowing a strip on a sports pitch before painting the white lines.
  5. Hi Alec It might be a good idea to remove all your personal info from your post.
  6. What do you use the ground up moles for?
  7. After a wipe over with an oily rag. Running and generating, I disconnected the governor spring and set the speed/output with the throttle stop screw.
  8. When I got it running again I connected a volt meter to the dynamo output... We seem to have some extra volts! This coil is wired in series with the output and the plate is attached to the throttle and closes it against a spring, the throttle was opening and closing but with the spring detached it wouldn't run at low speed like it did without the dynamo coupled, I'm wondering if the output is controlled by engine speed? Looking on youtube there is a video of a set like mine running, the guy says it over revved and blew 110v bulbs so he had a 230v worklight (100w?) connected. I replaced the old socket with this one I had in the shed so I can do the same and see what it's like with some load on it.
  9. I put everything back together and tried to start it again, but had flooding problems. Despite cleaning the tank out, with no gauze on the tap debris had got into the carb and jammed the float valve open. So I ran some fuel through the pipe and made a filter for the tap.
  10. The wiring was in a really poor state so was all replaced. The brushes and commutator were cleaned up as well and I made this somewhat Heath Robinson flexible coupling as the original was falling to bits. A local engineering suppliers came up with a new fan belt for £3.
  11. That looks an, erm, interesting machine. You've definitely come to the right place for O&R info!
  12. Well, after some fiddling about with the carb and the old trick of squirting some fuel straight down the plug hole... WE HAVE LIFE! Really satisfying to get it running after who knows how many years... and without spending much . Next stage is to tackle the electrical side, I THINK I've sussed out how the governor works.
  13. The cork seal on the tap plunger had dried out and the plunger was very loose, after doing some research (IE google) I put it in boiling water for 10 minutes and applied some petroleum jelly to the seal. It seems to have worked.
  14. The bottom of the tank was coated with this 'orrible sludge, the outlet and tap were completely blocked. I had to sacrifice the gauze filter on the tap.
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