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  1. Hi Craig, it might be worth joining https://ukengineforum.forumotion.com/forum and asking on there. Looks like quite a project, good luck!
  2. Probably teaching you to suck eggs, but I've found when making gaskets with not much 'meat' between a hole and the edge it's best to use a piece of gasket paper a fair bit bigger than the gasket needs to be and punch the holes out before cutting round the edge of the gasket. I've also found that placing the gasket on a piece of chipboard (I use an offcut from a kitchen cabinet) gives a much cleaner cut with the punch than using a piece of soft wood.
  3. Villiers Midget engine? I've got an operating instructions and parts list for the MK2 & 3 Midget in a PDF if it's any use to you? PM my your email if you want a copy.
  4. Bit of an update on this. My boss is talking about clearing out the garage where this lives and scrapping it. I'm trying to persuade him that it is worth hanging onto until this virus thing is finished and someone could collect it. I have said that I would deal with getting rid of it. Any money raised would go to the amenity fund of the care home where I work, this pays for activities/trips for the residents. I would like to get an idea of value, maybe that would persuade him it was worth keeping for a bit. Thanks.
  5. mattblack

    Corona project

    Looks like you've got a long enough run to 'figure of 8' the belt?
  6. mattblack

    Corona project

    Engine pulley runs anti-clockwise so you'll be going backwards?
  7. Why would you let a machine like that go to rack and ruin and then give it away? More money than sense?
  8. Nice job. We get a few scrap walkers at work, I've just saved the wheels off one for a 2-wheel trolley I'm going to make for my current little project.
  9. Looks great! You can't beat a bit of 'recycling'... in 30+ years of patching cars up I've never bought any steel.
  10. worth a try? www.higgott.co.uk/mowerbreakers.html
  11. Could you match the colour from a sample of the paint on your machine, using a 'hidden' area that has not faded?
  12. Nice! I'm currently restoring a Villiers MK12 off a series 2 myself...
  13. I'm sure someone will be able to sort this out, things like this are why I stick to spanners...
  14. NVTEC Midlands working weekend, 21st & 22nd September 2019. Lyndon Farm, Kilby Road, Fleckney, Leiecestershire, LE8 8BQ. Please PM me if you you would like contact details for an entry form.
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