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  1. As far as value goes it's worth what someone wants to pay for it, I paid £64 for my MK15 (first one I bought), my MK12 was £10 and my MK25HS £15. The MK20 was £34 delivered IIRC. The MK25's were £30 each. These are all ebay prices for complete unrestored engines. I'm happy to spend more than the engines are worth to restore them as it's my hobby, and most if not all hobbies cost money to some extent. The 'V' engine was the designation given to wartime Villiers engines, the idea being that the company name and address didn't appear on them so if they fell into enemy hands they didn't give away information that could be used to locate targets for bombing. It's interesting that your engine has a separate plate with the Villiers name on, maybe it was a surplus engine sold after the war?
  2. Right, according to the May 1956 MK10 &12 and MK15 parts books the part number for the flywheel with cam and extractor nut but less fan is R.56 The March 1966 MK15 parts book gives a different part number, this could be just a number change for the same part?
  3. The Corgi engines were horizontal. According to the internet, Braves were sidevalve 4-stokes.
  4. There are a few Villiers fans on here: https://ukengineforum.forumotion.com/forum Might be worth joining and posting up a wanted ad? I'll check the parts books later, MK10, 12 and 15 may be the same flywheel.
  5. Hello and welcome from another Villiers fan! I've got a MK12 off a Monro tiller now driving a compressor, a C12 on a 2" centrifugal pump, a MK15 (resto thread is on here), A Mk20 off a cement mixer (currently in bits), 2 ex Air Ministry MK25s and a MK25HS. I'm not sure if I'm reading it right, but I don't thing running it without the cowl would be a good idea, not for any length of time anyway. It's designed to duct cooling air over the cylinder. I have a manual that covers the MK10 in PDF form, if you PM me your email I'll send you a copy.
  6. You may not get something exactly the same but I think you'd get something that would do the same job. Replacement may be a sealed bearing without the grease nipple.
  7. It doesn't look anything special, I'd have thought a local industrial/bearing supplier could sort you out if you took it in.
  8. At the end of the day it's only paint. Once it's repainted whatever colour it's not 'original' anymore anyway. If you or a future owner want to paint it green again you/they can. Just my thoughts FWIW.
  9. You should have kept quiet, patina'd it and fitted it to an old tool. You'd have had the O&R geeks in a frenzy looking for another one...
  10. Hi Craig, it might be worth joining https://ukengineforum.forumotion.com/forum and asking on there. Looks like quite a project, good luck!
  11. Probably teaching you to suck eggs, but I've found when making gaskets with not much 'meat' between a hole and the edge it's best to use a piece of gasket paper a fair bit bigger than the gasket needs to be and punch the holes out before cutting round the edge of the gasket. I've also found that placing the gasket on a piece of chipboard (I use an offcut from a kitchen cabinet) gives a much cleaner cut with the punch than using a piece of soft wood.
  12. Villiers Midget engine? I've got an operating instructions and parts list for the MK2 & 3 Midget in a PDF if it's any use to you? PM my your email if you want a copy.
  13. Bit of an update on this. My boss is talking about clearing out the garage where this lives and scrapping it. I'm trying to persuade him that it is worth hanging onto until this virus thing is finished and someone could collect it. I have said that I would deal with getting rid of it. Any money raised would go to the amenity fund of the care home where I work, this pays for activities/trips for the residents. I would like to get an idea of value, maybe that would persuade him it was worth keeping for a bit. Thanks.
  14. mattblack

    Corona project

    Looks like you've got a long enough run to 'figure of 8' the belt?
  15. mattblack

    Corona project

    Engine pulley runs anti-clockwise so you'll be going backwards?
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