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  1. mattblack

    Interesting Wheel Horse

    I spotted this in this month's 'Street Machine' magazine, I know nothing about it apart from it was photographed at a drag race meeting at Sywell aerodrome, and I'm guessing that's a 4 cylinder bike engine and 'box... (is that a Honda logo?)
  2. mattblack

    A couple of 'mystery' tools

    I know what these are, can you fathom out what they are for? First one is obviously a clamp, it was made years ago by my late father for a specific purpose. This one may be easy? Not the best photo, but there is a grease nipple on the left, and the threaded part is hollow.
  3. mattblack

    Newark Tractor & Heritage Show

    Looks like a good turn out of varied machines. Can I ask what make the tiller(?) is on the right of the third photo (607) The reason I ask is there is a Villiers MK25 engine on ebay that looks to be the same colour and I wondered if it might be off the same machine?
  4. mattblack

    Villiers MK15

    Oh well, it has survived about 10 years of me hacking away at it in November, and in my defence it's really the O/H's allotment... Anyway, back to the important stuff... I was in 2 minds whether to strip the engine down further, but as I want to give the block a good clean and check the bearing shells I decided to at least take the piston/conrod out. Then I decided to take the crank out so I could change the oil seal, which was when the fun started... the bearing stayed on the crank, so it wouldn't come out the other side without taking the camshaft out... which wouldn't come out without taking the governor out... Piston rings rings look good, I hope my piston ring compressor goes down small enough. Shells and crank are good as well. Block ready for a good clean and paint. Will sort out a shopping list for Meetens next...
  5. mattblack

    Villiers MK15

    Had a week off work, so between changing the servo on my van, changing the oil and filters, pruning the plum tree at the allotment and picking up my MK12 engine I did a bit more... Stripped the paint off the tank and cowling, is the light green an undercoat or the original colour? (cowling is dark green inside) Tank will need a clean inside, a few nuts, some brake cleaner and a good shake should do it. Sump cleaned out (oil was clean, but there was a bit of sludge in it) Can't upload anymore photos in the this post so I will continue tomorrow...
  6. "...almost entirely intact..." I think that's called 'journalistic license' Not to take anything away from the discovery and recovery of course, but I do wish people wouldn't use the term 'restoration' for projects like this. 'Recreation' is more like it. (just my take on it).
  7. I picked this ebay purchase up today. I bought it because it was cheap, local and I liked the shape of the fuel tank and the Monro tiller data plate. It was listed as having no compression, if that's the case hopefully it will just be a stuck valve. On the plus side it seems all there. I will get stuck into it when I have done my MK15.
  8. mattblack

    Villiers MK15

    Thanks for that, I was beginning to think no one else could see my thread but me... I suppose the wire retainer being earlier would tie in with the 1958 build date? I have heard Meetens are very good for Villiers parts, but I can't see anywhere on their website to order online, do you have to ring/email them? I picked up another little project today, will start another thread about it shortly.
  9. mattblack

    Villiers MK15

    Engine has obviously had some attention in the past, bore still looks good with no wear ridge. Someone cared enough to do this brazed repair to the pulley, maybe to to get a bit more life out of it when it was a working engine? ...on the other hand, whoever made the new seals for the fuel cap and air filter only had cork effect vinyl floor covering to hand, and their teeth for tools. Valves look OK. Is this the date code? (IE March 1958)
  10. mattblack

    Villiers MK15

    I picked this engine up on ebay back in the summer as a winter project. After cleaning and setting the points and changing the HT lead and plug I got a good spark (much to my surprise, was sure the coil would be dead) so I have started stripping it for restoration. As you can see one thing I need is the air filter oil bath, however all the pictures I've found of other engines show it held on by 2 metal strips, rather than the wire retainer mine has. Does anyone know if they are interchangeable? I will take some pictures of where I am at now and post them up.
  11. Not something Iv'e seen before, do you think it was factory made or cobbled up from an old flail mower or something? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Villiers-Engine/183454599930?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D260cdf45fae44ec9a8e091796f3c4d7a%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D223210594909%26itm%3D183454599930&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A5db29b30-e141-11e8-a4c1-74dbd180106f|parentrq%3Ae5c475511660aa119c386bebffff5a1e|iid%3A1
  12. mattblack

    Tin bashing!!

    On the plus side, you won't make it any worse...
  13. I love the token fan 'guard'!
  14. mattblack

    Few engines

    Does that decal say 'British Seagull'? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Seagull