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  1. mattblack

    Villiers MK15

    Yes, I got the filter bowl and other parts from Meetens, it looks like same bowl is used for both fixing types. I may get something to drive in due course, but I will be happy if it runs at all... Longer term It would be nice to put a little collection of different Villiers 4-strokes together for display, but I'm not really a 'club' person... I was supposed to pick up another (non - Villiers) project yesterday but my van had other ideas, so watch this space.
  2. mattblack

    How can they do this ?!

    About 10 years ago I worked for a company that hired out groundcare equipment. I did a bit of everything, grinding cylinders, servicing machines, delivery/collection and on site repairs. A favorite reported fault on rotary mowers was 'vibrating'. When I got there the deck would have chunk missing, the engine would be hanging off and the crank would be bent... but 'We haven't hit anything, it must have been like that when you delivered it...' It was the same with the cutting unit arms on the big ride-ons.
  3. mattblack

    Villiers MK15

    Slowly coming together.
  4. mattblack

    Any ideas what this is/was?

    I've seen this several times on the site of a demolished factory and I'm intrigued as to what it is/was. It has a home made look to it, for some reason that housing on the front(?) makes me think mobile compressor. Whatever it is, I'd love to save those small wheels.
  5. mattblack

    Raleigh Chopper Mk 1

    Better to get the plating done sooner rather than later... https://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/blog/events/eu-proposes-chrome-plating-ban
  6. mattblack

    Good Wood Revival Settrington Cup

    The Pathfinder was styled after the works DOHC single seater racing cars. EDIT: as expeatfarmer has said above. DOH!
  7. mattblack

    Villiers MK15

    Made a bit more progress. The carb was a bit crusty inside. looked like it may have had water sitting in it but it cleaned up OK. coming back together. Cleaned up the tank and cowling and filled the dents.
  8. mattblack

    Villiers MK15

    Thanks, having seen your work on here I really appreciate that! I hope it will run as good as it looks (actually, I just hope it runs)
  9. mattblack

    Villiers MK15

    Got a bit more done over the last few days. Head decoked and valves ground. Mag backplate cleaned up and new oil seal fitted. Block and head all cleaned up and painted.
  10. mattblack

    O&R in the new shed

    Is the vacuum cleaner O&R powered...? Seriously, very impressive collection! (and a very nice shed).
  11. mattblack

    A couple of 'mystery' tools

    Yes, 'Terry' leaf spring greaser. I'll leave the other one a while longer, but just say it's automotive.
  12. Picked this MK 25 HS up yesterday, another ebay purchase. Exhaust and flywheel cover missing but for £15...
  13. mattblack

    Slumbering Westwood

    I don't know if it runs. I don't THINK there's anything wrong with it, just never used after the grounds maintenance was contracted out years ago. There were a couple of Hayter Harriers and IIRC a Ransomes Certes as well that got sold/given away. There's a trailer behind it as well.
  14. mattblack

    Slumbering Westwood

    This lives at work, it hasn't moved in the 9 1/2 years that I've been there. I'm not sure if the deck is still around or went in a scrap clearout.
  15. mattblack

    Interesting Wheel Horse

    I spotted this in this month's 'Street Machine' magazine, I know nothing about it apart from it was photographed at a drag race meeting at Sywell aerodrome, and I'm guessing that's a 4 cylinder bike engine and 'box... (is that a Honda logo?)