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Hi there Im new to the forum, stumbled on it while trying to find some info on a barn find little generator im looking to get running.


Currently its in the 'soak everything in WD40' stage.


Hopeing this might be a good place to get some info an advice on maybe getting this old girl humming again!


Fingers crossed!







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Hello David, Welcome. Hopefully you will have success in your research of Conyers. I have seen several products with their name from the 60s>.


Your engine is a Briggs and Stratton, possibly 3hp , or even 4hp. You can obtain all the parts lists and opersting manuals based on the Model, Spec and Serial numbers stamped into the engine cowling right next to the Governor adjusting screw/Rod behind the Air Filter in your posted image.


I refurbished a '72' Genset some years back with the same engine and it's progress was logged in this section of the forum. If it is of any help, here is a link-           72 Genset

If you need any help with the engine, just post it here. Afraid I can't help with the generating part, as I'm not familiar with it.




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That looks like a good project, seems like it's all there apart from the silencer?


It's easy to think of 'D' frame generators as 'modern', but I would think that's getting on for 50 years old now. I've got an Alam Minigen with a Villiers F15 engine in the 'to do' queue, trouble is other projects keep pushing in front... :D


I found this site looking for Conyers info as well, in my case a little JAP powered charging set that was on ebay.

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