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Allen Scythe 1940s

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Hi can anyone advise how to remove a brass flywheel from a Villiers 11c engine?  New member and new to vintage mower repair too, used them way back in the 70s but never had to repair one until now. :)


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Hello Derren,

                       Welcome.  The Flywheel retaining nut is 'Captive'.

To avoid strain to the crankshaft, it is best to use a strap around the outer diameter of the flywheel to prevent rotation while undoing the nut.

The nut should be 13/16" A/F.

Once it initially loosens, it will tighten again. This is when the nut flange runs against the internal face of the flywheel and further undoing of the nut will force the flywheel off the crankshaft taper. 

A simple, but effective design and prevents the flywheel jumping off.

An example of the torneque method of binding rope around the flywheel with a piece of wood to twist/tighten it and brace against the 'undo' force is shown in an image toward the bottom of the first page of my mower thread here-   -LINK-




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