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    Monkey jack.

    I was given this a couple of days ago, just assumed it was an old tractor jack. Last night I cleaned up the makers name cast into it. A quick search has shown that Trewhella bros' were an Australian firm (who also produced the Monkey Winch) and it was originally designed for jacking out tree stumps. I'm not sure how old it is, and, as it is seized, I'm not even sure how it works! Still, a nice little thing that I'm happy to have.
  2. joegrgraham

    Kubota B6100

    Might be worth trying your local kubota dealer, if they don't carry the parts anymore, they should know where to get them as there are plenty of old kubotas still in work.
  3. joegrgraham


    As mentioned above, it is a rifle sight, probably from an air rifle.
  4. joegrgraham

    Farmers boy

    Looks like a B and S off a merry Tiller, the only cut out is the little flap next to the spark plug. Firstly try the obvious, clean up the plug and check the plug gap or try a different one, then take off the cowling and clean up the coil where it meets the flywheel, and check the gap between coil and flywheel. They are fairly bombproof engines, so if you still have no spark, it is probably the coil. Joe.
  5. joegrgraham

    Monkey jack.

    Thanks Iain, I've also only found pics on the net of the 10 ton version, not sure how mine fits into the range. I don't suppose you have a photo of the other side of yours? Im not totally sure if mine is missing anything so would be good to compare them. Joe.
  6. joegrgraham

    Merry Tiller Truck.

    Hi all, Quick question, I'm hopefully collecting a merry Tiller Truck next week. Would someone be able to give me the overall dimensions of the truck ( total length and width) I just need to make sure that it will fit in the back of the truck! Joe.
  7. joegrgraham

    Bolens sleeve hitch

    Pm sent.
  8. joegrgraham

    Yellowbird cultivator/Tiller.

    That thought had already occurred to me! My mate had a merry Tiller with a reverse gear in the engine and he had a right game getting that one sorted!. It's in the 'pending' pile at the moment, in time I shall have a proper look over it.
  9. Just got home from collecting this, a circa 1980 yellowbird cultivator /tiller. A quick Internet search has revealed not a lot, other than yellowbird being an American machine, so I assume Ashley Cooper were importers?. As you can see, the engine has been cannabalised and is probably beyond saving, I'm think it is a B & S, but if anyone can give me any more information, I'd be very grateful!. The little three leg cultivator looks like an interesting gadget as it seems to pivot from side to side. More pics.
  10. joegrgraham

    Yellowbird cultivator/Tiller.

    Yes, it has a gearbox off the back of the engine. Not sure if this particular engine will live again, it has been robbed of most ancillaries, really depends if I can identify the engine model, and then source either parts or a donor.
  11. joegrgraham

    Yellowbird cultivator/Tiller.

    Had a better look at it today, only just realised that the wheels are plastic! They do look the same design as yours Paul, I guess they were just bought in by the different makers.
  12. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 Carb

    Hi all, My mg2 is nearly done, just need to get it running! Got a nice spark, but fuel isn't getting up to the plug. The jets are clear and I'm just cleaning off the filter. Anything else I should look at? Thanks, Joe
  13. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 Carb

    IT IS ALIVE!!!! 😁😁😁😁 Thanks to a combination of holding the tickler open whilst cranking, and a lot more throttle than I had been giving it, she struck up and ran quite nicely. Now to put the fan back on and give her a proper run. Thank you everyone for your help, advice and input, I am one very happy boy right now! Joe.
  14. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 Carb

    Thanks Johnathan, I should have a bit of time tomorrow night, so I shall have a good go at it and report back!
  15. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 Carb

    I'm happy with the spark, it fires readily with a drop of fuel in the plug hole. I will revisit the mag timing, but it still appears that the Carb is not sucking fuel up into the combustion chamber.
  16. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 Carb

    Hi Neil, I will recheck it, but I'm happy that the mag timing is correct. I haven't touched the bottom end, so there will be no issues with crank/cam timing, plus it all looked correct whilst turning the engine with the head off. Joe.
  17. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 Carb

    Update, New gaskets both ends between Carb and engine, air filter filled with oil, new pipe between air filter and Carb and a rubber glove wrapped round the top of the Carb. The jets are clear, as is the gauze in the bottom of the Carb. With a drop of fuel down the plug hole, she will pop and bang and do maybe two or three rotations by herself, ( which is a start!) but she will not strike up properly. Any ideas? Joe
  18. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 Carb

    Thanks chaps, I have the air filter in place, and I will make sure all the joints are properly sealed when I reassemble. Thanks for the plastic bag tip Neil, I will give that a try. Joe.
  19. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 Carb

    The float and needle appear to be working as they should.
  20. joegrgraham

    New project??

    Picked this little beauty up today, bit of polish and we'll be cutting grass by the weekend! 😉😂😂
  21. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 cylinder bore.

    Thank you Johnathan! Just let me know what it costs, and I'll sort it out.
  22. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 cylinder bore.

    Hi all, I've just removed the cylinder head from my mg2 in an attempt to get to the bottom of its reluctance to start, and look what I found! Notice the two large score marks in the cylinder wall. I'm guessing that that will not be helping! What does anyone think, will it be possible to bore that out? Or is the block FUBAR? Thanks, Joe.
  23. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 cylinder bore.

    That would be brilliant Johnathan, I've just sent you a pm. Joe.
  24. joegrgraham

    Ransomes mg2 cylinder bore.

    Thanks for the responses chaps, I will refrain from the choicer Anglo saxon words I know and just say 'oh bugger'. Hey ho, one step forward, two steps back!. I am a little financially embarrassed at the moment, so I will have to just quietly plod on with stripping the engine to assess the extent of the damage. Jonathan, could you pm me with a price for the spare barrel that you mentioned, maybe when I am less Church-mouse like we could sort something out. Thanks again, Joe.
  25. joegrgraham

    Mountfield M1 coil.

    Hi all, Asking for a friend, he has just acquired a Mountfield M1, briggs engine. Could anyone advise on the correct coil for the engine? Engine number in attached photo. Thanks, Joe.