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  1. New project??

    Picked this little beauty up today, bit of polish and we'll be cutting grass by the weekend! 😉😂😂
  2. Ransomes mg2 cylinder bore.

    Thank you Johnathan! Just let me know what it costs, and I'll sort it out.
  3. Ransomes mg2 cylinder bore.

    Hi all, I've just removed the cylinder head from my mg2 in an attempt to get to the bottom of its reluctance to start, and look what I found! Notice the two large score marks in the cylinder wall. I'm guessing that that will not be helping! What does anyone think, will it be possible to bore that out? Or is the block FUBAR? Thanks, Joe.
  4. Ransomes mg2 cylinder bore.

    That would be brilliant Johnathan, I've just sent you a pm. Joe.
  5. Ransomes mg2 cylinder bore.

    Thanks for the responses chaps, I will refrain from the choicer Anglo saxon words I know and just say 'oh bugger'. Hey ho, one step forward, two steps back!. I am a little financially embarrassed at the moment, so I will have to just quietly plod on with stripping the engine to assess the extent of the damage. Jonathan, could you pm me with a price for the spare barrel that you mentioned, maybe when I am less Church-mouse like we could sort something out. Thanks again, Joe.
  6. Mountfield M1 coil.

    Hi all, Asking for a friend, he has just acquired a Mountfield M1, briggs engine. Could anyone advise on the correct coil for the engine? Engine number in attached photo. Thanks, Joe.
  7. Mountfield M1 coil.

    Thanks chaps, I will pass the info on to my friend. Joe.
  8. Ransomes mg2 weight.

    Just thinking about a new car and trailer, what is the weight of an mg2? Thanks, Joe.
  9. Ransomes mg2 weight.

    Thanks Neil, About 550kg if Google is to be believed!. That gives plenty of scope for trailer and vehicle options. Joe.
  10. Ransomes mg2 clutch.

    Thanks chaps. Neil, I will be in touch in the next few days to arrange the tool (and a shopping list!). Joe.
  11. Ransomes mg2 clutch.

    Can someone please advise on the best way to get into the clutch on an mg2? I need to inspect and probably reline it. Also, what size thread is used on the track roller spindles? Is it BSF?
  12. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Thank you Johnathan, Pm sent.
  13. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Hi all, Just started re-assembling my drive wheels, I've got a couple of broken and missing track rollers. Does anyone have 3 mg2 track rollers going spare? Thanks, Joe.
  14. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Thanks Johnathan.
  15. Ransomes mg2 floor plan.

    Hi all, I'm getting to the point in my mg2 restoration where I need to make a new wooden floor. Could anyone provide a photo or plan of the floor. What type of wood should I use and what thickness?. Thanks, Joe.
  16. Paint thinner

    I've used tractol on quite a few things, as already mentioned, it brushes well. When I have sprayed, I just thin it with a drop of white spirit.
  17. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Can anyone suggest a good way of freeing off the drive wheel track rollers on an mg2. Thanks, Joe.
  18. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Update : I decided that this would be a good opportunity to experiment with electrolysis. I do not know what sort of unholy witchcraft is happening in that bucket, but several rollers are already free, with NO effort on my part and expenditure to the ruinous sum of 65p for soda crystals!. I think this is the future.......
  19. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Is it worth splitting the two halves of the rim, and dealing with the rollers individually? Maybe pressing the rollers apart?
  20. Ransomes mg2 track rollers.

    Thanks chaps, I will set to work with the hammer!. Joe.
  21. Ransomes mg2 colour scheme.

    Hi all, Which bits of an mg2 should be painted red?. Obviously the sprocket and idler wheels, but what about the weight carrying rollers?. Any other bits need to be red?. Thanks, Joe.
  22. Ransomes mg2 colour scheme.

    Thanks expeatfarmer, my currently has blue bits that should be red and red bits that should be blue!. Just wanted to find out the correct variations.
  23. Evening all, I am asking this on behalf of a friend who is starting to annoy me with constant questions!. He is trying to revive a Merry Tiller Super Major, bought new in 1986. Believed to be a 5hp. It needs new piston rings. Now, the cowling bearing the serial number has been lost(originally a black cowling) the cowling it is wearing in the pictures is from a VISUALLY identical engine. The serial number from the donor engine has been fine for Carb, exhaust etc, but it turns out that it has not worked for the rings! The original engine (fitted to the machine) has a bore of 65mm/2.55'',whereas the donor has a bore of 63mm/2.48''. He is stuck now as the B & S manual only gives part number reliant on the serial number, not the actual ring dimensions, likewise, the parts suppliers all need the serial number. He wants to retain the original engine as it has the built-in reverse gearing. Any help in any form would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Mountfield m1

    Hi all, My mate has just acquired an M1. Unfortunately, someone has rather aggressively sanded the cowling, thus obliterating the serial number. Is there anywhere else he may find the engine number? Thanks Joe
  25. Mountfield m1

    Thanks guys, that's a great help. I'll pass the info on.
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