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  1. Scottwilson

    Few engines

    I believe it does I couldn’t work it out but now you’ve mentioned it 👍
  2. Scottwilson

    Few engines

    Picked all of these up at the weekend . Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet . They may end up being useful to someone to restore a machine or I may end up getting them going and doing something with them . I’m not sure what they all are 🤔 looks like a villiers 10 with a reduction box . Couple of Suffolk engines . Maybe an Allen scythe engine . Any info is appreciated as I’m not all that sure . All else fails they will make great doorstops
  3. Scottwilson

    1971 Bolens Husky 1054

    Another great video 👍
  4. Scottwilson

    1966 Bolens 850

    I’m going to try to keep it as original looking as possible to start with . If not I’ll look at that set up . I’m useless with wiring . Making the looms not too bad as I have the old one to copy 😂
  5. Scottwilson

    1966 Bolens 850

    All of the new wires are here now for the new loom I just need to make it . Still had no luck with an ignition switch for it .
  6. Scottwilson

    1966 Bolens 850

    Got the voltage regulator and solenoid off I’m trying to work out how to test them and hoping they are fine . Any tips on testing ?
  7. Scottwilson

    1966 Bolens 850

    Wiring loom finally detached !! Every bolt,screw and nut was either rounded or extremely rusty . I’m going to try to make a new loom as this one looks very crusty and feels brittle . Also got some rust holes on the centre console 😟 .
  8. Scottwilson

    Happy Birthday Triumph 66 or 67 now

    Happy birthday 🎂 Andrew 👍
  9. Scottwilson

    Farmers boy

    Cleaned the flywheel and coil and couldn’t see a spark but got a Jult of the plug when I held it and pulled it over . Cleaned the tank out and got a load of crap out . Now not sure if I’m getting fuel in the carb that’s my next step .
  10. Scottwilson

    Farmers boy

    My uncle needs to use a rotovator for a few days so in my wisdom I’ve offered to help and got hold of a machine to use but need to get it running first . Story of my life another machine with no spark 😡🤔 I’ll dig a bit more tomorrow but does anyone know if there is a cut of switch I’m not seeing ?
  11. Scottwilson

    Bolens 850

    Interesting read indeed. I’m going to keep my eyes open for a spares/repair 850 to possibly use parts for my restoration just in case I run into trouble finding any of the parts .
  12. Scottwilson

    1966 Bolens 850

    I’m going to get it all stripped and cleaned then test the parts as this has the magnito system rather than the normal coil . I’ll jump onto there site and have a good look I’ve found the correct wiring diagram it’s the early one with the magnito . I’m aiming to get it ready for Easter next year . I’m 99.9% sure the engine will run so im not too worried about that . I’m not going to go through everything getting it all cleaned up and working then I’ll strip it back down for full paint .
  13. Scottwilson

    1966 Bolens 850

    I’m still trying to remove it from the bodywork as all the screws aare rounded and seized. The wiring itself is very brittle I was thinking about replacing it all one at a time . I’ve also found one wire that’s not connected at all . The voltage regulator does not seem to be in great condition is this an easy to replace item ? I’ve also found some rust on the tube chassis that I think is going to need repair 😟
  14. Scottwilson

    1966 Bolens 850

    Hi Iain I’ve just managed to get to the solenoid 😓 it was a bit of a begger to get to as it was the other side under the battery tray which had some very stuck bolts .
  15. Scottwilson

    1966 Bolens 850

    I jumped it straight off the starter still not managed to unearth the solenoid yet . I’ve just posted it there 👍