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  1. nathanwhittaker

  2. Ferguson ted30

    Cheers buddy
  3. Ferguson ted30

    A little bit more done today
  4. Ferguson ted30

    Haha it's the glow from the only heater I've got lol Getting a little closer for painting tomorrow
  5. Ferguson ted30

    A little more progress last night
  6. Ferguson ted30

  7. Ferguson ted30

    Right I will sort for next time I'm sure admin could turn them round tho lol
  8. Ferguson ted30

    It does my head in there perfect on my phone lol
  9. Ferguson ted30

    Me and Sam have had a busy day today cleaning and etch priming a few bits. I've always had a hit of a damp spot on the block and as u can see I have found the problem so I'm now changing the head 2moro night
  10. Ferguson ted30

    It will be sprayed apart from the exhaust manifold buddy
  11. Ferguson ted30

    I had a busy day yesterday
  12. Ransomes turf Trac / steiner 4x4 utility tractor

    It took some doing
  13. Ransomes turf Trac / steiner 4x4 utility tractor

  14. Ferguson ted30

    Me and Sam had a good go last night stripping the brakes and checking them over also freed a few pins up cleaned them and refitted
  15. Ferguson ted30

    The engine was rebuilt just befor I bought the engine for the tractor.this is a replacement engine I have put in
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