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  1. Wow Nigel that's nice good luck
  2. A bit more racking up today it's looking more like a warehouse than a workshop at the moment
  3. Hi all its that time of year again with my businesses I've expanded the winter maintenance Side and for the first time I'm doing it in comfort here's a vid of it's first grit iof the season !
  4. Hi all a little more progress on the work shop move brought over the turf track and another wheelhorse 800 ,. And I've acquired alias of link racking to put my spare parts on etc here's the state of play so far
  5. Never enough room norm Hoping I can get a bIt done over winter Cheers Ian gonna need a scooter
  6. Plenty of projects as well hoping to get going soon with them
  7. Good morning all I haven't posted much in the last couple of months been busy with my now young family and work so time is at a premium , for the last five years I've had my workshop in an old tram shed in Sheffield as this has served me well and my friends who restore busses it's time for us to leave due to our land lord wanting to expand his business in to our building which this has gave us a final push to go due to the roof been in such a bad state ( it leaks ) So we have been on the look out for a new building in view to buy so we have found our new home which is clean and dry and secure , since me Nathan and Sam started packing things away it's amazing what we have found things we thought was long gone . Any way I've being buying pallet racking to utilise space so we can have things in the air here is a few pics so far more to come
  8. Great pictures norm looked a good day out
  9. Wow mark that is serious kind of cool matey brilliant
  10. Very nice work Ewan I now know we're there is a spare bonnet and dash for my next project he he he
  11. diggerjames


  12. Chet looks a right weapon mate
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