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  1. Morning all, to try and keep this in some sort of order, here's the latest 2 MadTrax videos.. The 1st vid is lot's of metalwork, the second is wiring and the 1st start of the engine
  2. Time to sort the steering.. The problem I had was the Quadzilla steering column didn't fit the mount on the frame, and the gauge pods I made would not bolt on! But I still needed the bottom of the column as it does the steering bit! So I needed the Honda top half and the Quadzilla bottom half, of course they are not the same diameter and one would not slide into the other! A little bit of lathe work later had the solution to joining the coulnms together and keep them straight.. A close up. To make sure nothing would move lot's of holes were drilled so I could plug weld through to the adaptor thingy.. My Murex Mig welded won't go all the way up to "Spinal Tap", so I turned it up a notch to 6 and zapped the parts together.. Cleaned up.. The good news is the column ended up exactly the right length, straight and the top and bottom halfs lined up, so it was bolted back in.. To celebrate the light and gauges were also bolted on.. MadTrax looks kinda strange with no wheels, tank or seat on! I would Now onto something fun, or not.. Wiring!!! I had already removed anything not needed from the Honda CX loom, but I also needed to splice in some of the Quadzilla loom! With the Quadzilla loom trimmed back to what I actually need things didn't look that scary! I now need to find an "easy to read" early Honda CX 500 wiring diagram to double check which wires do what as the loom had been hacked about before I started at it!!
  3. Morning all, back to the metal work.. The removable bit needed to be made bolt-in-able, so some more metal was added.. Some captive nuts would be handy to bolt it on, but I didn't fancy burning my fingers trying to hold the nuts in place while welding... So may I introduce to you all the sacrificial pencil Not only does the pencil screw into the nut very nicely, any pencil that burns off is easily removed from the thread Welded in with not a welding splat on the threads in sight Ok, this pic may be of the opposite side to the above pics, but it does point out the big hole in the end of the tube where it's been cut off.. To fill the holes I found a couple of washers about the right, cleaned them up and clamped them onto a bit of brass plate. THe holes in the washers were then welded up, the weld won't stick to brass.. Then a couple of "trimmings" were tacked on to give something to hold on to. Once removed from the brass they looked like this.. Or this!!!! Washers welded in.. And once the welds had been cleaned back the removable bit was bolted back in..
  4. It's Snowed.

    Looks nice with a bit of snow down Norm, it's more snow than we have had down this way... Apart from the time my Wife got snowed in at work.. 4 inches down in a little over 2 hours! Quite amazing to see St Leonards beach cover in snow! You need to hang a cistern on the pole behind the toilet and plant it up
  5. Thanks for noticing mate Somehow I don't think Wheel-Vo will be ready by August mate, but please feel free to drop in the workshop when your down this way Thanks dude, it's going to be a while until anything really starts on this project, but starting it certainly will do
  6. You never know Norm, I'm on a bit of a push to get MadTrax done so I can start on Wheel-Vo Starting with a video to try and keep things in order.. To finish off the strengthening on the left side I needed a couple of small plates to go at the bottom. Due to the small size of the holding them in place just wasn't going to work without setting fire to my fingers, so I welded a couple of small off-cuts to the plates to act as temporary handles. Plates tacked in place.. Once the plates had been fully welded on the time had come to tackle a job that thus so far had caused me lot's of head scratching.... Removing the rear diff/final drive thingy.. The right side already had a removable plate.. The left side didn't, but if I could make it removable them I might stand a chance of getting the rear end out.. HHmmm... Some nice welds to cut through! But before I started cutting metal a template was needed! Ok, I needed the bit's marked F and R but the off-cut in the middle is a funky shape This was part of the Quadzilla front end.. some cutting needed but it's just the right thickness for what I need. Here's the plate cut out of the frame and the extra couple of bit's of steel which will make the plate removable.. With all the parts bolted back on some tack welds were added. Back on the bench the now removable plate was clamped around some box and a bit of angle to hold it all square while I zapped the joins up.. Don't think it will be moving now Now to try and get the rear end out.... Eeerrrr! Ummmm! Until eventually I was left with this open space... Which was only possible once I had cut this bit of tube out the frame... Another bit to make removable! The rear end on the bench.. Rob picked up a wire brush and started to attack it to see what it would come up like Not bad but I fear some mechanical cleaning help is needed..... Now where did I put those wire brush cup thingys that go in the drill???
  7. Flat pack Wheelhorse

    It was good to catch up with you again Chris, thanks for selling me er.. 3/4's of a Wheel Horse.. It's nice to have something red back in the workshop, being WH-less for 1 1/2 days was hard to cope with
  8. Not much to report, I have made a good start on the left side with the suspension mount strengthening.. When I put the TB in I had to cut a bit of tube out, so back in it went.. A close up. The captive nut is for the TB side mount. Only a couple of small plates to go in at the bottom and a lot of welds to grind down..
  9. HALF a HORSE.

    Amazing work Alan, your attention to detail put's my builds to shame..
  10. Darkest hour

    It's been a long while since I last went to the cinema, back in 1991 to see Terminator 2!!
  11. more scrap

    Love the truck, collections and deliverys in style
  12. A real sad story there mate, it brought a tear to my eye Well, a bit stuck on the drive train at the mo.. The Honda Silverwing final drive/90 Deg thingy I was planning on using just won't work! I did the maths on sprocket sizes to work out the 5 - 1 ratios I would need and the big sprocket would need so many teeth that it would be nearly a meter diameter! Price wise it would be very much the wrong side of £1000 and the sprocket would be so big it would cut the quad in half! So.. some more thinking needed.. I need a strong 1 - 1 ratio 90 Deg drive that will fit in the rather small space available! Sooo... What to do next.... Some welding me thinks At the back where the new tubes meet the Quadzilla suspension mounts it looked ugly as I had just cut the tops of the mounting panel off.. A bit of cutting and welding later had a couple of bits of box welded in just above the anti-roll bar tube.. That looks better and stronger Part of the plan has always been to box in the pressed steel suspension mountings as I hate the look of pressed steel, and they never looked strong enough anyway Starting with one of these, a bit of tube with washers welded on both ends. Which happens to be a perfect fit inside a thicker bit of tube that has been cut in half.. Bolt it to the suspension mounts and you have an ideal way of making sure all the bit's of half moon tube fit in the same places.. A bit of tack welding later.. Best check for clearance, plenty of and more travel than will ever be needed Now to fill the gaps, the top of this speaker stand is about the right thickness Four plates cut to size and tacked on plus a template for the next panel.. The right side almost done.. A few welds need a clean up, and a few of the welds won't be done until the frame is stripped and on it's side.. I hate welding upside down and I'm rubbish at it! Best make a start on the other side, templates cut out.. And marked out on steel... It's a good job speaker stands come in pairs No idea why this photo has turned around, it's the right way on my PC..
  13. De' Ja' Vu

    Looks like you having fun with the build mate, good work getting the hubs off, I hate having to cut them off!
  14. Found this and thought I would share it with you all.. The Mad Max films have always been known for interesting cars, Fury road takes it to a new level.. Well, I like it
  15. Mini Power Pack.

    I was thinking the same when I saw the pic's, just can't think where I saw one... May of been at the local petrol garage!
  16. I needed to hide in the shed

    You never seem to be short of free firewood Chris
  17. westwood lawnbug!!

    The bug looks good Paul
  18. As you can see the shifter stick er... Sticks a fair way out from the gas tank.. A bit too far out for my liking.. Before I could narrow it I needed to find out why the stick just fell to one side under the weight of it's self. Once cracked open I found two springs were missing that that should hold the gear stick in the middle.. Not being able to find any compreession spring in the workshop that were the right length, width and strength I found a couple of bit of clear fuel pipe work just as well Just over an inch removed from the shifter.. Both halves were V'ed before welding back together to give maximun strength.. It looked quite nice once the welds were ground down nice and smooth Bolted back on to the frame, but I don't like the look of the shifter knob, it's more "Montego/Maestro" than MadMax, but thanks to Nigel I have something a bit er... Different to graft on... Yes it is what you think it is... A titainium hip joint
  19. Morning all, time for a long over due update, though not a great deal has been happening.. I needed a better looking bracket to mount the transfer box shifter stick as the Quadzilla one was too big and very ugly. I'm sure you can guess which one is the new one Shifter bolted in. Still not quite sure where to mount it on the frame at this point, so I welded a couple of bolts to soe blue steel bar. Very long bits of bar With the "bolt ends" of the rods stuffed through the frame and bolted on the TB levers, I could see there was a fairly straight run to connect the rods to a "next to tank" mounted shifter... But then I found out all the shifter marlarky fitted nice just above the exhaust, tucked into the frame a bit.. Just enough space to get the connecting rods on With one shifter box mount thingy done, the rods were shortened a bit, had a few bends put in and a bolt welded on the other ends.. It's a bit crude, I may re do the rods with rose joints, but for now the shifter works very well, and you get a reasuring "thunk" sound as the TB goes into gear
  20. Big Bit of winter fun

    Looks like a fun time to me
  21. It is indeed Norm, the cleaner and faster the gasses can get away from the engine the better It will look a lot better once the welds are ground down and it's all been wrapped in heat proof tape sort of stuff The solution to joing the two bit's of pipe together was this ear trumpet shaped bit of pipe. It's a tight fit around the transfer box, a very thick ally heat shield will be going between the exhaust and the black electrical gizmo with the word up, upside down.. Don't want to melt it! Apart from grinding down lot's of welds that's the exhaust system done Next on the hit list to sort is the shifter for the transfer box.. It needs to go somewhere around here, also the bracket looks really ugly so a new one is being made.. The fun bit is going to be making the rods that connect it to the transfer box, but luck might be on my side as I found an easy route through the frame, above the carbs that will require minimal bends to the rods.. Oh, a scrap pile raid produced all the rods I could need To finish off this update have a moody smokey picture of the MadTrax
  22. A bit of lunch and lot's of welding later the result is some what curvy Some bit's could not be welded in situ so to make sure nothing could move during welding I added a couple of braces before taking the exhaust off. Fully welded up, just a lot of welds to grind down.. Funky shape eh? With the exhaust bolted back on.. I could start on the next part of the puzzle, the rear exhaust section.. It's going to be interesting trying to join these cans.. To the bit of big bore pipe you can see below the tank in the triangular bit of frame.. As someone has put a transfer box right in the way and there isn't really enough space between the TB linkage arms and the frame.. Yep, it's going to be interesting for sure
  23. These CX/GL 500 Honda engines only run at their best if both cylinder/header pipes are the same length each side... The N/S pipe came in at 30 1/2 inches, so I had to try and fit that length into a rather small space on the O/S and still have good gas flow!! A long bit of pipe with lots of pie cuts marked out.. Can you see where I'm going with this? A shorter bit of pipe.. Lot's of hollow metal pies.. And lots of blue power coating on my bench from cleaning the pies.. This bit of cardboard was used to work out some angles to cut, the metal version will fit about here. So I didn't end up welding up a bit hollow Polo mint I added a bit more cardboard to the mix. As long as the loop follows the spiral it should not end up hitting it's self But.... Your going to have to wait to see how the exhaust comes out as I'm off out to lunch
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