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This Saturday, May 16th, RedSquare will be going through a software upgrade.  As most of you are aware, MoM and RedSquare are sister sites and share the same physical computer server.  While this upgrade will not affect MoM, there may be periods of time where response time is sluggish simply because of the shared environment.


RedSquare members, like what you see here?  Please sign up, be glad to have you here as well, but remember this is for ALL machinery, not JUST Wheel Horses :(


Now for the question you may be thinking...  YES, MoM will be upgraded to the same software as well.  Originally I wanted MoM to be first because it's smaller than RedSquare, but the forum skin for RedSquare was done before MoM's (which hasn't been updated yet).  So after the upgrade pop over there and take a look because when everything is sorted, MoM is next :)


-- Karl




[x] 8:00am - Prepare alternate communications

[x] 10:00am - Go grocery shopping (oh, you didn't need to know this one huh?)

[x] 12:30pm - Lunch (was good)

[X] 2:00pm - Forum will become off-line to members and a complete backup will begin

         - Database backup complete

         - File system backup in progress (pictures, manuals etc) complete

[x] 3:30pm - Actual  forum upgrade will begin (RedSquare will still be unavailable)

[ ] 4:00pm - Upgrade completed, post upgrade steps begin (Still unavailable)

[ ] 10:00pm - RedSquare available, *SOME* functionality may not be available

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I am moving the time to 10:00pm.  The post processing is moving very slowly.  I guess I made my test machine a little stronger than the production machine?

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Things are going well, just slow!  I highly doubt it'll be 10:00 either.



I suppose that I could allow everyone back on, BUT there's so much that's not right until these things get completed.  

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Don't worry it'll take as long as it does. I've seen you do amazing things with Red Square over the years. I appreciate you for what you do


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Ok, so let's vote.  Here's what's not working:


Some posts haven't been rebuilt, this means some pictures won't display in a post when you access it.

Search rebuild hasn't even started, so no search at all, well anything new will be searchable, just the old stuff until the search rebuilds.


That's really about it.  


I'm probably not going to stay up to wait for this thing to finish, and aside from what was mentioned, it's a working forum. 

Oh, and I am having difficulties installing the shout box.

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For the least amount of confusion, I would just wait till its completely done... But thats just me.


Looking forward to seeing the new digs! (even though I got a sneak peek!)

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