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Mister Mad Mower

Buma Boring Bar

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Just got this on an auction site .

Buma Boring Bar , 55mm to 90mm or so bore capacity .

Looks to be in good order but the tool holder is missing .

Motor / shafts / gears are all working fine so worth making a tool holder up for it .

I think the spring loaded adjustable cutting tool approach will be the best and easiest way of going about this , as a micrometer can easily be converted to allow for rapid and accurate setting .

My Wolseley WD2 will be the 1st victim as my 2nd engine was bought with a rusted bore that will benefit from a light cleaning as it were .

Looking forward to going from tedious to plain boring .........

Buma boring bar.jpg

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4 hours ago, Triumph66 said:

I had to look twice at the heading of your post! :lol:

Not a well thought out name from a marketing point of view , though 50 years ago iff you were gay you were simply happy .

Wonder how many things will take on a different meaning 50 years from now ! .

But in retrospect a Bolens Ride a Matic could make a good stable mate for a Buma Boring bar ? ..........

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2 pictures from Blackpool illuminations , we went for a look after picking the Buma up in Lancaster .

The Old trolley bus is a delighful Old machine , as is the tower in the background.

The Tardis ( is this the oldest machine on the planet ? ) and Darleks are a 60's icon still being used today in the tv show Dr Who .



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Been busy restoring the " BUMA" , got it striped and rebuilt with a new coat of paint ( Brush on machine enamel ) to keep it good for another 50 years ! .

This turned out to all origonal , never been apart .I know this due to the knurled adjuster on the top having a grub screw to hold the centering shaft .

The grub screw had a plug over it and the knurling had been done last to hide it all ? .

I had to drill the plug out so as to be able to remove the grub screw and so split the gearnbox cases .

I have left the hole so i can easily take it apart for greasing etc in the future .

I found the grub screw after i noticed a scribed line on the front face of the knurled adjuster , pointing in line with what looked like a keyway down inside so i drilled down and found a cavity , with the grub screw 2 or 3mm below  .









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2 hours ago, Stormin said:

That's a nice piece of kit. :thumbs:

It's a heavy bit of kit , around 70KG / 140lbs or so .Good job the motor has a quick release to take a bit of the strain out of lifting it ! .

But yes , it is built to last .Even the main bar has twin Timken taper roller bearings with a 1 1/2" adjuster nut at the top to tighten them up .

A bit of a shock really as i was expecting plain bronze or brass split bearings .

And the metal componets which looked beyond redemption have all polished up a treat .( shiny )

I like the 2 oiler caps on the motor , even these have taper copper springs under them to keep the felt pads in contact with the shaft .

To realise the size , the main bar is 2" / 55mm diameter and the machine is 3 feet high .

I am currently working on new tool holders to fit into the head so i can use 8mm boring bars with the indexable SCLCL bits to bring it into the 21st century .

And i am still awaiting delivery of the braided wire wrap so i can wire it up nice and neat .

Have connected it up and it takes around 7 mins to wind down it;s full 12" of travel , So around 2 inches a min feed rate giving around 1 thou per revolution advance .

Wont be long before it gets a good work out .


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Mister Mad Mower,


Hello, I've just joined this group so that I could contact you. I've recently bought a Buma boring bar like yours and I'd like some advice/information if that's OK?. It came with all the tools, etc, but when I was in the motor trade 50 years ago I used to use a Van Norman boring bar and many, if not all, of the controls are quite different. I managed to figure out that the left hand thread screw item on the left of the bar (as you face it) is the lock for the screw drive to make the bar descend through the cylinder. However, there's also a similar arrangement at the top of the bar, and I haven't yet figured out what that one does. I also have no idea why there's a spindle sticking out of the left hand side of the unit that looks very like the one that the bar winding handle uses on the right of the unit. Furthermore, you mentioned a quick release for the motor. I haven't yet spotted that, so would be grateful for any photos of that item as well. 


I've attached some photos of the unit I've purchased, and included a photo of the jig it came with, that's used for holding the cylinder that's being bored.


Best regards,


Buma 1.jpg

Buma 2.jpg

Buma 3.jpg

Buma 4.jpg

Buma 5.jpg

Buma 6.jpg

Buma 7.jpg

Buma jig 1.jpg

Buma tools 1.jpg

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