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Project Why Not... Yes really!

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Yes you really did read the title right, I am selling Project Why Not..


Why am I selling?


Two reasons..  One being to fund my next WH project, the other reason is being riddled in arthritis driving her on anything other than somewhere nice flat and smooth just gives me too much pain.. And there's only so many times I can drive her around the carpark :lol:


For those who havn't seen this machine yet the full build can be found here..

Project Why Not build thread


A few spec's for you..

Custom build chassis/frame.

Honda GL500 water cooled V twin engine with 5 speed trans.

A very narrow Reliant Rialto rear axle with drum brake.

Austin A35 steering box.

Custom build adjustable front end with hand made brake discs

Ford Cardinal red paint, International Harvester white wheels.

Top speed about 85mph with the current rear tires.. (fit 24inch tal tires and it should top 100mph!)


She could do with a new seat, the engine has a slight oil leak around the clutch cover, and the paint isn't quite as nice as it once was.


£3000 or sensible offers.


Here's a few photo's taken Friday, I will get some better ones in the sun tomorrow.




















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On 23/05/2017 at 8:08 AM, Stormin said:

  Hope you find a good home for it, Ian.


  One well built and fantastic creation. And once driven, never forgotten. Puts a real grin on your face. :D


Thanks Norm, yep once driven never forgotten, my back keeps reminding me :D:lol:



On 23/05/2017 at 8:47 AM, meadowfield said:

good luck with the sale - whats the plan for the pennies?  whats the next project?


Thanks Mark, I can't give away too much at the moment mostly because I don't know :lol:

The next build will of course be WH based, but I do have a name for it....


"Project WTF"...   Kinda has a nice ring to it eh :D

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