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This Years Garden

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I put up tarps on three sides of the fence to protect the corn, but that didn't stop two tornado's from sucking the kernels off the cob, the green beans never produced a bean, the peppers and onions didn't produce or grow, but the radishes, yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers did exceptionally well. We are getting a dozen cherry tomatoes and four or five Romas a day off three plants. I have four more Roma plants just starting to produce and ttwo beefsteak plants also ready to produce. I also have 5 other varieties about 6 inch tall and doing well. We got over two dozen large zucchini's this year and four or five times that of the yellow squash. I only had four cucumber plants, but we have gotten a couple dozen, about a fourth of them are odd short fat ones and  the rest are beautiful 9 inchers. The two watermelon plants have produce four large Black Diamond melons over 25 lbs, we got two and the raccoons got two.







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48 minutes ago, Triumph66 said:

Tomatoes look very healthy Alain. 

The tomatoes keep coming 12 cherry tomatoes again today and 8 Romas. The zucchini, squash, and cucumbers are really starting to produce. This picture is of Saturdays picking, but I had not picked in four or five days.


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6 minutes ago, Triumph66 said:

Good little crop Alain. What sort of dishes do you make using those vegetables?

We saute the yellow squash and zucchini with a little olive oil in one of our three air fryers (best invention ever, real fried chicken without any oil), or we cut them up small with tomatoes, onions and cucumbers and add a vinaigrette oil. We (the wife) also make zucchini noodles and put Alfredo or primavera sauce on them, carb free Italian.

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