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Can You Have Too Many Chainsaws?

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I have 23 vintage chainsaws (mostly Homelite's) now, 21 in the pictures, one on the bench and two in my truck for cutting firewood. The two 150's are pretty neat, both lightweight 54cc auto oilers, but the older (1973) one has a screw to adjust the amount of oil put on the chain.




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If anyone ever gets a chance at a Homelite 360, it is absolutly the finest saw I have ever cut with. Full anti-vibration isolaters, 57 cc, chrome bore aluminum piston electronic module ignition adjustable auto oiler. They discontinued the model around 1981, but used ones on great condition can be had for 150.00 or less I paid 60 for mine including shipping. It now sports a 20" sprocket tip bar.


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Nice collection you have there. I've recently become interested in vintage chainsaws which is a bit of a bus mans holiday for me! I've got only a couple so far but am on the look out for Danarm saws as that was what was used by my Dad while I was a young un and also because it is a local company.  

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